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When it comes to choosing a career path, it's best to do as much research as possible. That is why we've put together a list of resources to help better prepare you for your future. Check out the resources available for students, parents and teachers below:


Education and training fall under provincial jurisdiction, so a good starting point for more information is the provincial government where you live. Check online or call to find out about trades training options.

At the national level, the federal government's assists individuals who are searching for work or making career decisions. It not only posts jobs by region, but also offers information such as educational requirements, main duties, wage rates and salaries, and current employment trends. It can help you identify career options matched to your interests, strengths, and skills. You can also learn about trends, employment prospects and salary range of skilled trades and occupations.

Local colleges offer a wide range of information on career choices. Explore online, call, or visit the colleges to discuss your options in detail. If you are a high-school student, talk with your guidance counsellor who can help you to explore your options and determine what is best for you.

Explore the list of apprenticeship-eligible trades in your area! 



As a parent, you want what's best for your child. Exploring different career avenues and opportunities is key at a very early age. Here are some options to help communicate a variety of different career paths within the residential construction industry:


The House That She Built
Book by Mollie Elkman 

The House That She Built educates young readers about the people and skills that go into building a home. One by one, we learn about the architect, framer, roofer and many more as they contribute their individual skills needed to complete the collective project — a new home. With illustrations that connect and empower and words that build upon each other with each page, this book will leave all kids (she, he, and they) excited about their own skills and interested in learning new ones. Learn more here

The Water Came to a Stop
Book by Ryan Kiscaden

The first book in the NEXT UP TRADES series. The story has Dean enjoying his birthday with all his friends and family when his home’s water unexpectedly stops. The family acts quickly and calls Gomer Gopher and Flo Fish from NEXT UP TRADES. At the conclusion, Dean and the family acknowledge their admiration for those involved in the plumbing trade. The plumbing industry needs more plumbers, specifically women and minorities. The book provides plumbing word associations throughout, and the last page concludes with a word and image association lesson which assists in increasing children’s retention of vocabulary.  Learn more here.


JOBSITE - The Board Game TM

Navigate your way through a maze of independent and team challenges in this premium fun and fast paced board game.    Compete by growing your bank account and build your knowledge of construction or home building along the way.  A fun way to connect with the whole family, colleagues and friends. Learn more here

teachers and school counselors

Promote skilled trades within your schools!
Use the assets below to help promote the importance of skilled trades within your classes and in your school.

Additional Resources

Looking to promote careers in residential construction? Click here for more info.