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Membership Recruitment & Retention

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recruitment & retention resources

To help support EOs in the recruitment and retention of members, CHBA National has developed resources to help you convey the value of membership in our three-level association. If you would like to see resources created in addition to the ones that are below, please let us know.

CHBA Value Website Graphic

Brochure/Printable PDF "How The National Level of CHBA Works for You"

This document outlines how the national level of CHBA adds value to membership. The quad-fold brochure is designed to be printed on legal paper. (Version for website or sharing via email can be downloaded here). If you'd like to create your own version for your local/provincial association and would like to use this as a template, email Natasha Rombough for the InDesign files.

CHBA National Value Renovators

Renovator Version - "How The National Level of CHBA Works for You" brochure

This version of the document is tailored specifically for renovator and trade contractor members, and outlines how the national level of CHBA is working for them. The quad-fold brochure is designed to be printed on legal paper. (Version for website or sharing via email can be downloaded here)

Sue Wastell

Letter from President + CHBA President Available to Speak at your HBA

Click here to access a letter written from CHBA President Sue Wastell. This letter will be updated over time as needed.

CHBA President, Sue Wastell, based in Ontario, can deliver a video address or come address your association. Having the President involved in one of your events is a great way to connect members to all levels of the association and can add gravitas to important ceremonies. If you are looking for a 15-20 minute presentation at a future event (e.g. awards galas, membership drives, conferences, dinner meetings, etc.), please email

National Advantages

Handout: CHBA National Advantages program benefit

CHBA member firms, and their staff – as well as HBAs and staff – are eligible for discounts and special offers on a range of products and services through the CHBA National Advantages program. Spread the word to your members by sharing content from @CHBANational, or use any of our graphics in your newsletters.

For a printable PDF of current Advantages Program deals, click here. We do recommend sending existing members to whenever possible for the most up-to-date information.

membership makes a difference

Membership Makes a Difference Campaign Materials

Please feel free to use, alter, or customize any of the materials found in the dropbox below. We only ask that you keep the CHBA logo in addition to adding your own to show value at three levels. Where possible, the design files have been included.

  1. Video (Membership Makes a Difference -- Join Now)
  2. Social Media Graphics (Membership Makes a Difference)
  3. Big Wins & CHBA Actions (Social Media Graphics + Word Doc of messaging for easy use) (note: currently being updated for 2023)
man walking

Value of Membership Video

CHBA Vancouver Island member Alpha Strategy took it upon themselves to produce a video showcasing some of the many advantages of being a member of the association at all levels. The member company/CHBA-VI  have generously offered to share this video with all HBAs for use in their own campaigns. The video can be downloaded here, and you have permission from its creator to add your own HBA’s logo to the end.

looking at brochure

Handout to Help HBAs Market the Value of CHBA

Click here to download and print this helpful handout.

Building Excellence Magazine

CHBA Will Promote Your Members

CHBA’s Building Excellence magazine includes a feature piece in every issue on interesting member stories. We also create Member Spotlight videos, posts for consumers on the CHBA blog and the RenoMark blog, and can feature your members on social media targeted to your geographic area. All we need from you is to point us in the right direction: tell us about a member who has a unique or impressive project, a trailblazing business story, or an interesting personal journey, and we’ll do the rest! And of course, any material that we create you can also use for your own marketing through your own HBA activities. Email Natasha or tag @CHBANational on social media.

HBPS Cover Graphic

CHBA Home Buyer Preference Survey

Everything EOs need to know can be found here, and marketing resources here. Use the survey results to create regional stories or share snippets to encourage member participation. Click here for the full report (free for members and HBA staff).

magazine cover

Promotion of Skilled Trades

With over 131,000 professionals retiring from the residential construction industry over the next decade, it's important for us to promote careers in residential construction as much as we can. CHBA has a large section on its website dedicated to promoting careers in the industry. In addition, this page acts as a resource for EOs, HBA staff, and member companies to promote the skilled trades, specifically in the residential construction industry. Here, you will find an image bank, Canadian facts and figures on the residential construction industry, communications pieces to assist in promotion, and much more.

BROCHURE: Available digitally only, "Imagine your Future in the Residential Construction Industry" and its content can help you with promoting careers in our industry within your area. Try tweeting snippets from it, and follow @CHBANational for social media content. More content, including infographics and stock images, can be found in this DropBox.

Other Resources

For other resources that can help you show value for membership, see this page.