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Working in the residential construction industry does not always mean going from construction site to construction site working in all weather conditions. Modular homes and buildings are constructed in factories—with the help of cranes, hoists and automated equipment—and workers stay comfortable inside, out of the rain or hot sun.

Benefits to working in factories

The biggest benefit of working on construction projects in a factory is probably the weather! It’s always good weather in a factory! Not only does this make working much more pleasant and safer, dry and temperature-controlled conditions are also good for materials and products, as they get applied in the best possible application temperature. This makes the construction professional’s job easier, and it also makes the buildings more durable.

Another benefit of factory construction is ergonomics. Cranes, hoists and tables make it easier to move large walls or roof systems, for example. And, because factory-constructed buildings get built “from the inside out”, many tasks that are awkward an difficult on-site, such as feeding pipes, ducts and wires, become much easier.

Let’s not forget safety! Because of the controlled conditions, level factory floor, and measures to provide safe working conditions such as guards and moveable walkway lifts, factory construction can lead to fewer accidents. Re-use, recycling and disposal of construction waste in the factory makes for a sustainable worksite that is also safer because it is free from debris.

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Homebuilding factories need skilled professionals in construction trades as well as for other positions such as quality control inspectors, architectural technologists and draftspeople, in-house energy advisors, forklift operators, production managers and HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) supervisors.

Whether you are interested in learning a trade or another opportunity in the field of construction, check out our members’ career pages.

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CHBA's  "Working with Modular" Webinar Series

“Working with Modular” is a six-part webinar series highlighting the features and benefits of modular construction. The content is designed to inform on-site builders and developers, code officials, municipal planners and housing specialists, government departments, lenders, warranty providers and other stakeholders engaged in the residential construction industry. We would like to acknowledge the support of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in the development of the webinar series as well as Altus Group for their work in the project.

To watch the videos in full-screen mode, click on the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the video after you hit play.

Additional Resources

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The Factory-Built Process
(December 15, 2022)


This webinar describes how a modular building is constructed in a factory, transported, and set up and finished at the site, discussing potential impacts on costs and productivity.


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