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Association Leadership Awards

About the CHBA Association Leadership Awards

Each year, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association recognizes the outstanding work of dedicated volunteer members – as well as the leadership shown by our local and provincial HBAs and their EOs – through its national Association Leadership Awards Program.

HBAs and members work hard all year to build a strong community: members generously volunteer their time and association staff work tirelessly. Not just to strengthen our association at all three levels, but also to give back to the cities, towns, and neighbourhoods across Canada.

As an association, we are proud of our accomplishments and the professionalism of our industry. It's important that we take full advantage of every opportunity promote our achievements and to give accolades to the leaders that ensure our association is recognized as the voice of Canada's residential construction industry!

Who can apply: Local and Provincial HBA Presidents, Local and Provincial Executive Officers, Members of the CHBA National Board of Directors

Application deadline: Closed for 2024

How to submit: Email completed applications to For the Award of Honour, HBAs can simply send an email to with the names and companies of nominees (and indicate whether they are builder/renovator/developer members or "other").

2024 Awards categories

(see below for entry forms)

Community Service Award – for an HBA
HBA of the Year
Executive Officer of the Year
Award of Honour
Member of the Year (selected by CHBA)

Past Winners

The CHBA Association Leadership Awards has a long history.

Executive Officer of the Year

Home Builders' Association of the Year

Community Service Award

To recognize an Executive Officer who has demonstrated excellence as the chief staff officer of an HBA, and who has effectively worked with volunteer leaders to create a strong and positive voice for the housing industry, and led the HBA to effectively support the business success of members. The nominee will have shown support for national-level activities through CHBA’s Executive Officers’ Council.



  • All Executive Officers from local or provincial HBAs
  • Executive Officers who have been in their position for a minimum of 2 years
  • Executive Officers cannot be a winner of this award in consecutive years

To recognize overall excellence by an HBA during 2023 in delivering a strong and positive voice for the housing industry, and in supporting the business success of members and their ability to provide affordability, quality and choice in housing for consumers.



  • Local and Provincial HBAs are eligible for this award.
  • This award may not be won by a Local or Provincial HBA in consecutive years.

To recognize a local or provincial HBA for their community service or charitable projects that demonstrate the commitment of the housing industry to making a difference in the quality of life in their communities.



  • All Local and Provincial HBAs are eligible to receive this award
  • Community Service and/or Charitable Projects referenced in entries must be for initiatives undertaken in 2021, and may be supported by community/charitable activities that were initiated prior to 2021 that continued throughout 2021.

Award of Honour Certificates

**easy application**

To provide national-level recognition for dedicated members who have promoted the mission and objectives of the Association at the local/provincial level.

Provincial and Local HBAs may nominate one individual from a new home builder/renovator/developer member company, and one individual from any other category of membership. (Maximum two names per HBA).

Local and Provincial HBAs are encouraged to nominate individuals based on the following:

  • Personal Involvement
  • Achievements
  • Length of Service

How to Apply

There is no entry form. Simply email members' names for the Award of Honour directly to The CHBA National Office will mail your local association the certificates.