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Meeting with Your MP Toolkit

Preparing for a meeting

Engaging with your Member of Parliament (MP) is a great opportunity for local HBAs and their leadership to raise the profile of your local association.

Meetings don’t need to be formal. A meeting at the constituency office is great, but   discussions at community events are also excellent opportunities to strengthen important relationships and reinforce key messages. Plus, politicians talk to each other, so dialogue with federal MPs can also inform provincial and municipal politicians. Regardless of the type of meeting you have, a little preparation will go a long way to be most effective.

The tools on this page will help in your preparation and in your dialogue before, during and after your MP meeting.

Questions or Feedback?

If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact As always, we are also happy to take your feedback or your suggestions. Please keep us posted on any and all meetings you have with your parliamentary representatives.

Good luck with your meetings!



Get Informed about CHBA’s Recommendations


Bring your Economic Impacts Fact Sheets


Tweet and Share

For CHBA’s recommendations to help unlock the door to homeownership, visit, a mobile-friendly site aimed at Canadian concerned about housing affordability. Also review key recommendations to make energy efficiency more affordable here (note: please use this document for reference only as it is out of date).

If you’re going to a meeting, make sure to print your local and/or provincial economic impacts fact sheets to provide to your MP. These CHBA documents really emphasize just how important our industry is in their riding. If you have an impromptu meeting, sending an email and/or letter afterwards with the fact sheets is a great follow up.

If you're meeting with a candidate, before your meeting you can tweet “looking forward to…” or tweet afterwards as part of the thank you. Remember to tag the candidate and consider using the hashtag #unlockthedoor.