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Promoting Careers in Residential Construction

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Over 131,000 professionals will retire from the residential construction industry over the next decade.

This site acts as a resource for EOs, HBA staff, and member companies to promote the skilled trades, specifically in the residential construction industry. Below you will find an image bank, Canadian facts and figures on the residential construction industry, communications pieces to assist in promotion, and much more.

For more information on CHBA's efforts to promote the careers in residential construction, contact Natasha Rombough, Director of Marketing & Communications at the CHBA National Office.

Facts and Figures

Social media is a great way to promote and share information about the skilled trades shortage as well as promote careers in the skilled trades (residential construction in particular). Below are some sample posts we've developed for HBAs to share on their own social accounts.

  • More than one quarter of the construction workforce is expected to retire between now and 2029.
  • Over the next six years, only about 143,000 new tradespeople are expected to enter the workforce versus the 156,000 who are expected to retire.
  • According to the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, in Canada there are 150 designated careers in trades that fall under 4 sectors: Construction, Industrial, Transportation & Service. Learn more here:
  • Skilled trades are considered an “evergreen profession.” That means they will always be needed.
  • It takes more than 30 different skilled trades and other occupations working on site to build a typical home.
  • Residential construction is one of Canada’s largest employers, providing close to 1 million jobs in new home construction, renovation and related fields.
  • A career in trades allows you to ‘earn while you learn’  & work off student debt while enrolled in post-secondary training and education. Learn more at:
  • Thinking of becoming an apprentice in a Red Seal trade? The Government of Canada offers grants up to $4,000. Learn more at:
  • Approximately 80% of skilled trades training is done on-the-job with an employer. The other 20% is completed in school. Most training alternates between the two.

CHBA CEO Kevin Lee on BNN discussing the career opportunities in the residential construction industry.

Residential Construction Training Programs Across Canada

Indigenous Skills
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Additional Resources:


  • BuildForce Canada
    Originally created in 2001 as the Construction Sector Council, BuildForce Canada is a national industry-led organization committed to working with the construction industry to provide information and resources to assist with its management of workforce requirements. CHBA has been working with BuildForce on Recruitment and Retention of Women in the Skilled Trades’, with CHBA members serving on the steering group.
  • Skills Canada
    Skills Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of careers in technology and skilled trades. One of their major activities is the presentation of the annual Skills Canada National Competition. This is an Olympic-style competition which actively promotes careers in the technology and trades fields. In June 2018, CHBA signed a partnership agreement with Skills Canada. Going forward, CHBA will collaborate with Skills Canada in year-round efforts to promote careers our industry. CHBA will also be an important part of Skills Canada’s annual skills competition, which begins with in-school competitions, progresses to regional/provincial events and culminates in the Skills Canada National competition. This annual series of events engages over 100,000 young people, and will now showcase residential construction trades and highlight the career opportunities these offer. On the Skills Canada website, CHBA members can find information on the yearly Skills Canada National Competition, as well their provincial and territorial competitions.
  • Canadian Apprenticeship Forum
    The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum is a non-profit organization that connects Canada’s apprenticeship community. Participants work collaboratively to support vibrant and innovative apprenticeship systems and policies with a view to developing a highly-skilled, inclusive and mobile skilled trades workforce. Employers, unions, equity-seeking groups, educational institutions and the jurisdictions support CAF-FCA operations through membership. On the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum website, CHBA members can find information on apprenticeship opportunities in Canada, as well as a skilled trades network that has resources for employers considering taking on apprenticeships as well as those interested in becoming an apprentice.
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Careers in residential construction image bank
Shareable facts & figures
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Looking for images, videos, infographics, and social media posts to use in promotional materials? Check out our bank of promotional resources.

Looking for information on skilled trades in Canada and the residential construction industry? We've compiled social-friendly facts for you to share.

Includes school presentations, contest ideas, brochures, and much more used by HBAs across the country! Have resources to contribute? Send them to Natasha Rombough!