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About The Net Zero Renovation Program

About the Towards Net Zero Reno Initiative

Improving the energy efficiency of existing homes is crucial to reaching Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions goals. There are over 15 million existing homes in Canada, almost all of which can improve their energy performance. Through this initiative we will be advancing innovative technologies and approaches to pursue net zero levels of performance in the most cost-effective ways possible, a key to making it possible for more Canadians to reduce their GHG emissions at home.

With support from Natural Resources Canada, CHBA is working with select Municipalities who have programs supporting deep energy retrofits and working to give direction to their constituents on viable pathways to upgrade their existing home to Net Zero or Net Zero Ready. The scope of this project is to support industry in delivering 100-150 Net Zero Renovations across Canada, representing a variety of climate zones and geographical areas. See the participating Municipalities below. Check to see if this project is underway in your area as there will be opportunities to advance your Net Zero knowledge and skills and even become Net Zero Qualified!

CHBA's role is to work with our industry to build capacity through providing Net Zero training for Renovators, Energy Advisors and relevant contractors, and to develop tools and processes that will allow for a scalable and cost-effective house-as-a-system approach to improving homes through the CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program.

Are you an energy advisory or renovator enrolling in this initiative? Let us know by filling in this enrollment form.

Meet the Participating Municipalities

NZ Reno municipality map