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Net Zero Projects and Programs

CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program

The Program provides the industry and consumers with a clearly defined and rigorous two-tiered technical requirement that recognizes Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes, and identifies the builders and renovators who provide them. The program has labelled hundreds of homes in Canada.

Net Zero Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs)

This CHBA Net Zero initiative is advancing solutions, technologies, and approaches to building Net Zero Energy Ready and Net Zero Energy multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs), with the goal of producing homes that are affordable, replicable, and appealing to Canadians. The project is in partnership with Natural Resources Canada.

Net Zero Renovations

Successfully achieving affordable/cost-effective Net Zero/Ready Renovations requires the use of energy efficient materials and products, construction practices that utilize building science best practices, and effective financing tools. To help industry work towards this outcome, the CHBA is calling for applications to participate in a Net Zero Reno Pilot.