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CHBA continues to communicate relevant industry information to members about COVID-19 support and CHBA action. On this dedicated section of the website you'll find the following information:

Federal Fall 2020 Economic Statement

On November 30, the federal government tabled its long-awaited fiscal update, which included a series of CHBA-advocated measures for businesses that have implications for the housing and residential construction sectors. CHBA has done an analysis of the Federal Fall Economic Statement, which can be read here.


Key Government Measures

This section summarizes key measures taken by the federal government to support Canadians and businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Government Relations

This sections outlines how CHBA National is engaging with government and stakeholders to inform further responses and support you during this challenging time.

Draft Guidelines for Operating During COVID-19

This is a living document, open for discussion and input from members across the country who are on jobsites and adjusting their business practices to follow the recommendations and requirements of their local health authorities, while also finding innovative ways to be most efficient, productive and safe.

Best Practices for Business Owners

A list of best practices for business owners to consider during the current pandemic as well as any future event.


Resources related to COVID-19 for members and HBAs.

WEBINAR: Navigating Government Support During COVID-19

With Peter Bangs & Gavin Miranda, Partners, Taxation Services, MNP

The Federal Government has put several measures in place to support businesses and individuals through the economic realities during COVID-19. New details and adjustments are being made at a dizzying pace. CHBA has been actively engaged with government to get changes for the better, and continues to push for more support for members. CHBA has been keeping members updated on all these changes, but it’s also time to hear from the tax experts to help you access the best options for you and your business.

Kevin Lee, CHBA's CEO, and Peter Bangs and Gavin Miranda, Partners in Taxation Services at MNP host this interactive webinar as they walk you through the different options and qualifying criteria as they currently stand, so that you can make the best possible decisions for your business during this challenging time. You’ll also hear about next steps for CHBA on your behalf. View the slide deck here.