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2023 CHBA Alliance Network Members
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Altus Group Logo

Contact: Peter Norman
Phone: 416 - 698 - 4658
Email: [email protected]


Altus Group is a leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry. Our businesses, Altus Analytics and Altus Expert Services, reflect decades of experience, a range of expertise, and technology-enabled capabilities. Our solutions empower clients to analyze, gain insight and recognize value on their real estate investments. Headquartered in Canada, we have approximately 2,500 employees around the world, with operations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Our clients include some of the world’s largest real estate industry participants. Altus Group pays a quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share and our shares are traded on the TSX under the symbol AIF.

For more information on Altus Group, please visit:
Avid Ratings Logo

Contact: Tim Bailey
Phone: 416 - 619 - 4493              
Email: [email protected]


Avid Ratings is the world’s leading resource for homeowner insights and building quality. We combine advanced data technology and a unique customer experience platform to provide in-depth feedback and actionable insights. For over a quarter of a century, Avid has helped thousands of companies measure and improve customer loyalty.  Avid is the only company with the breadth and depth of data needed to deliver a full 360-degree assessment of the touchpoints that impact brand advocacy for builders, home products manufacturers and others in the home industry.

For more information on Avid Ratings Canada, please visit:

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City of Calgary logo


Planning and Development Services is a department at The City of Calgary which is responsible for planning and building a great city.
Calgary is ranked the third most livable city in the world (Economist Intelligence Unit) and third most diverse city in Canada (Calgary Economic Development). We are proud to be ranked as one of the cleanest cities in the world.

In Planning and Development Services, we:

  • Drive policies that guide long-term planning
  • Set parameters for land development processes
  • Integrate strategies to grow a resilient and sustainable city
  • Enable businesses to open and operate
  • Ensure Calgary’s buildings are safe to occupy.

Calgary's development and construction industry strong through 2022:

  • Our city’s growth is evident with 18,855 building permits issued in 2022 totalling $5.5 billion.
  • Commercial multi-residential projects were up nine per cent from 2021.Building permits for single and semi-detached homes were down two per cent from 2021, but up 32 per cent over the five-year average, totalling 5,418 permits. A total of 204,844 inspections were
  • completed in 2022 ( trade, building and development) up 14 per cent from 2021.
  • In 2022, Council approved over $375 million for new community investments. These new areas of the city will be able to accommodate 490,000 people over the next 20-30 years.

Read more on The City of Calgary Newsroom

CWC logo

Contact: Natalie Tarini
Phone: 613 - 747 - 5544 ext. 225
Email: [email protected]


The Canadian Wood Council (CWC) represents the Canadian wood products industry through a national federation of associations. The Mission of the CWC is to expand market access and increase demand for Canadian wood products through excellence in codes, standards, regulations and education. The CWC provides technical and knowledge transfer services relating to building codes, standards and regulations. The CWC is active in a technical capacity in all areas of the Regulatory System: building codes, design standards, product standards, test standards.
A core role of the CWC is to act as the conduit for the transfer of technical knowledge for the people (builders, architects, engineers) who specify wood in construction. CWC does this by:

- Developing and disseminating essential technical tools and field support needed to design with wood. This includes technical manuals, web tools, design software and a HelpDesk option ([email protected]).
- Operating a pan-Canadian construction sector education program, with market partners, under the name of Wood WORKS!, Cecobois in Quebec. The Wood WORKS! program plays a vital role in broadening wood’s use in construction by working closely with the building community and governments for wood’s broader use.

Stay Connected!
For more information on Canadian Wood Council, please visit:
For more information about Wood WORKS!, please visit:
Follow us on Twitter @CdnWoodFacts

Modular Construction Council Logo

Contact: Kathleen Maynard
Phone: 613 - 230 - 3060                  
Email: [email protected]


CHBA’s Modular Construction Council supports the increasing role of factory-built modular construction in the building industry. Members and staff liaise with officials, regulatory bodies, related organizations and the public; participate in codes and standards development; facilitate research and collaborate with other CHBA councils and committees. Council membership is open to CHBA members who produce, sell, and/or assemble and finish CSA A277, Z240 MH or Z241 buildings; as well as those who supply goods or services to the sector. Council meetings may be attended by all those with an interest in the factory-built sector, including educators, students, building officials, government representatives and others.

The Council’s Chair is Joe Gushue, General Manager of Prestige Homes in Sussex, New Brunswick. CHBA staff supporting the Council include Kathleen Maynard, Senior Director, Building Innovation; Bernard Desjardins, Communications Coordinator; Jack Mantyla, Director, Technical Services; and Liz Wynder, Technical Advisor, Codes and Standards.
For more information on Canadian Wood Council, please visit:


DuPont Performance Building Solutions is a global innovation leader in the building and construction industry, providing products and materials for all six sides of the building envelope. By developing solutions for managing the air, water and thermal performance of buildings and residences, we help our customers build energy-efficient, resilient, and durable shelters in a rapidly changing world. Backed by unmatched industry insight, building knowledge, and technical support, as well as world-class brands such as Styrofoam™ Brand, Tyvek®, and Great Stuff™, our products and services portfolio enables customers to focus on what they do best, no matter where and how they choose to build.
For more information on DuPont Performance Building Solutions, please visit:


The risks you face as a home builder are unique. As the recommended insurance provider for the CHBA, Federated Insurance can design customized and comprehensive programs specifically for you and your business. Federated Insurance has been devoted to protecting Canadian companies coast to coast for almost a century. Our experienced team of industry professionals is dedicated to delivering superior products and providing a level of service that is second to none. We believe that knowing your business matters.  We take the time to work with you directly to determine the level of coverage that fits and give you access to exclusive value-added programs and services to support and protect you, your business and your employees. As a CHBA member, you’ll have access to our Risk Management Assist service that provides Risk Management advice that could help you operate a safer business.

Federated Insurance is committed to keeping clients and their companies safe.  Learn more about Federated Insurance's COVID-19 response and access important information here .
For more information on Federated Insurance Canada, please visit:
Learn more about Federated Insurance here.

Contact: Grayson Harsulla
Phone: 403-619 - 7820
Email: [email protected]


Home Depot has over 180 stores in Canada, coast-to-coast. Our PRO business is designed to support Canadian builders, property managers, restoration companies and so much more. Sign-up for PRO Xtra rewards today and see the opportunities Home Depot can proved your company.

Make sure to sign-up for PRO Xtra Rewards to save more!
For more information on Home Depot Canada, please visit:

PPE Equipment (Save More with ProXtra)  
Home Depot is offering special product pricing for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help keep you and your team safe on the worksite. ProXtra members can save up to 7 per cent on select products.  Learn more and make the most of these savings by clicking here

MNP Logo

Contact: Lee Thiessen
Phone: 403-537-7617
Email: [email protected]


MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. MNP has a deep understanding of the Real Estate & Construction industry, regulatory environment and the ever-changing complexities entailed by sustained growth. We provide insight and solutions related to the preeminent challenges that real estate & construction businesses face, including audit, taxation, compliance and international transactions, property tax recovery, common area and maintenance audits and enterprise risk management.

We work with Canada’s most recognized residential and commercial developers and are involved in industry associations and government organizations. MNP continually invests our time and resources into building teams and services specifically designed to help the real estate & construction industry thrive.
For more information on MNP, please visit:


Owens Corning is a global leader in insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composite materials. Its insulation products conserve energy and improve acoustics, fire resistance, and air quality in the spaces where people live, work, and play. Its roofing products and systems enhance curb appeal and protect homes and commercial buildings alike. Its fiberglass composites make thousands of products lighter, stronger, and more durable. Owens Corning provides innovative products and solutions that deliver a material difference to its customers and, ultimately, make the world a better place. The business is global in scope, with operations in 33 countries. It is also human in scale, with 20,000 employees cultivating local and longstanding relationships with customers. Based in Toledo, Ohio, USA, the company posted 2018 sales of $7.1 billion. Founded in 1938, it has been a Fortune 500® company for 65 consecutive years.
For more information on Owens Corning, please visit:


The advanced fibre technology of PINK NEXT GEN™ FIBERGLAS® creates a tightly woven network of soft, fine fibres to form a super-resilient blanket of insulating micro-pockets. Leveraging several  new technology innovations, the new product is safe for installers and residents and faster to install than competitive insulation products and spray foam insulation. Because no hazardous chemicals are required to be mixed on the install site, there is less potential for human error, increasing peace of mind for installers and residents. 

“Contractors today have high performance expectations and extremely tight timelines,” said Joe Wagner, Insulation marketing director. “This product evolution is a significant step-change in meeting the needs of contractors, as well as installers, builders and homeowners.” The product is designed to meet building codes and help professionals manage through tight labor timelines and budgets by reducing install time.

PINK NEXT GEN™ FIBERGLAS® insulation focuses on solving problems in four meaningful areas:


  • Offers 99%-safer fire performance and no chemical fire retardants added to fibreglass1
  • Made with safe, proven ingredients 
  • No formaldehyde added
  • No hazardous chemicals mixed on-site


  • Made with advanced fiber technology for up to 23% faster installation compared to our existing products
  • Enables insulation of up to 161 more homes per year2
  • Exceptional product recovery and improved stiffness perfectly fills standard cavities and stays put
  • Fewer clumps and chunks for fast, clean cutting and splitting
  • Helps projects pass inspection with visibly superior texture and smooth uniform surface 
    that inspectors desire 


  • Texture is soft as cotton
  • Less dust for more comfortable installation and less cleanup
  • Shed-resistant insulation stays on the batt, not on installers
  • Improved indoor comfort and sound reduction for homeowners


  • Made with 100% wind-powered electricity 
  • New industry standard for recycled content
  • Saves 12 times the energy required to make it in the first year of use
  • Underwriter Laboratories (UL) GREENGUARD certified for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

“PINK NEXT GEN™ insulation sets a new standard for insulation as the right choice for contractors, builders and homeowners," Wagner added. "This is just the beginning of a series of ongoing innovations in 2021 and beyond that will enable Owens Corning to continue exceeding customers' high expectations."

PINK NEXT GEN™ FIBERGLAS®insulation is available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn HERE


Developing new home construction projects takes a significant investment, but partnering with the right financial experts can help you avoid closing-day headaches that can occur with unprepared buyers. Important to your success are rate guarantees that will protect your sale and the ability to offer the convenience of one-stop mortgage shopping to your purchasers. That’s where the Preferred Builder Program from RBC Royal Bank® comes in. It can be tailored to suit your needs, while providing homebuyers with fast, firm approvals and competitive extended-rate commitments from the time of approval. The rate guarantee gives buyers solid financing that will help you close the deal. By working with one of RBC’s builder development managers, you can establish a package that fits your unique project needs. Builders are also teamed with dedicated mortgage specialists, who work on site so they are available to handle the purchasers’ mortgage needs. The mortgage specialists ensure that buyers have all of the documentation and paperwork ready on time to close the sale, and they can refer your clients, if they so desire, to a local branch representative to take care of all their banking needs. Mortgage financing may also be available for upgrades — the things your clients need to make their house a home.

The RBC Preferred Builder Program is a complete financial solution to help you build your business.
For more information on RBC Royal Bank, please visit:


Sagen (formally Genworth Canada) is the largest private residential mortgage insurer in Canada. The Company provides mortgage default insurance to Canadian residential mortgage lenders, making homeownership more accessible to first-time homebuyers. Sagen differentiates itself through superior customer service, a robust risk management framework and innovative processing technology. For more than two decades, Sagen has supported the housing market by providing thought leadership and a focus on the safety and soundness of the mortgage finance system.
For more information on Sagen, please visit: