The Government Role


Federal Government Consultations

CHBA participates in numerous federal government consultations on issues related to housing, and speaks to various federal bodies and agencies. CHBA supports a coordinated, three-level approach to developing housing policy, which reflects the reality that every level of government affects housing.

CHBA On The Hill

Each year, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Day on the Hill brings together Ministers, Members of Parliament and home building industry leaders from across Canada to discuss the importance of housing to Canadians and communities.

2019 Federal Election Campaign

A toolkit for getting involved in the upcoming federal election. Contains CHBA's recommendations, tips for engaging with local candidates, a leave-behind document for you to give them, and more.

2019 Federal Budget

Housing affordability and a new First-Time Home Buyer Incentive program were the lead highlights of the 2019 federal budget, which also focused on addressing housing supply, increasing the Home Buyers' Plan, and supporting home energy retrofits.