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About the Net Zero Council

CHBA’s Net Zero Energy Housing Council (NZC) supports innovation in our industry with the goal of creating a market advantage for CHBA builder and renovator members pursuing Net Zero Energy performance. The Council's work will help to meet the housing aspirations of Canadians, and renew Canadian leadership in high performance housing.

In alignment with the CHBA Strategic Priority to Advance Innovation, the mandate of this self-funding ad-hoc Council is to deliver services that will support members’ voluntary adoption of Net Zero Energy (NZE) housing.

The NZC will:

  • gather intelligence on member and consumer needs to inform priorities and influence strategic advancements
  • build awareness and knowledge through the consolidation and sharing of information utilizing a variety of channels and forums, and
  • implement activities to identify barriers, find solutions, transfer knowledge, inform policy, accelerate action and increase efficiencies.

Key Priorities

  • A Labelling Program to distinguish and recognize Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes and the builders/renovators (Learn more here)
  • Marketing & Communications initiatives to develop the Net Zero brand, build awareness and understanding of the value of Net Zero homes, and stimulate market demand
  • Educational initiatives to bridge the knowledge gap and accelerate the industry's capacity to capitalize on Net Zero
  • Financing initiatives to address the initial cost of Net Zero Homes and implement innovative and effective financing mechanisms

See what the NZC is working on right now!

CHBA Position on Net Zero

CHBA members can learn more about CHBA's position on Net Zero here.

Net Zero Council Org Chart

Apply for Council Membership or Sponsorship

For the year starting November 1, 2020, the following voting member seat is still available:

  • 1 Gold Sponsor Member
  • 1 Silver Sponsor Member
  • 2 General Members
  • 1 Academia Member

For more information see the Council application package below:

Please email applications to


Sonja Winkelmann
Director, Net Zero Energy Housing
613.230.3060 x235

NZC Sponsor Members


Opportunity Available


Opportunity Available