About the EOC

The Executive Officers’ Council (EOC) is made up of senior staff members from local, provincial and national levels of the Association.

While strong elected leadership must always direct the Association, it is important that the Association's affairs are managed by competent and professional Executive Officers who also form a key element of the leadership of the Association. The EOC provides an important resource for supporting the professional development of Association staff.

The EOC’s areas of focus include supporting continuous improvement in the administration and management of the Association at all levels; and enhancing co-operation and sharing of experience among Council members. 

The EOC also provides advice to the CHBA Board of Directors on issues of importance, consistent with the objectives of the Association.

Membership in the EOC comprises of all senior staff within the HBA network.

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Featured Content

A quick overview of all of the tools and resources available to you from the National Office. This material was presented at the EOC Workshop in Niagara Falls (May 2019).

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My Association Page

Your Custom Association Page

Viewable only by you and your HBA staff. See what CHBA National has in its database for your membership in real time, learn how reporting works and when the next membership update is happening, and access your membership remittance form.

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Marketing Materials

Brochures, member discounts, social media amplification from the National Office, tradeshow materials, speaking engagement opportunities and more. Find out what marketing materials are available to you.

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Executive Officers' Newsletter

All EOs and HBA staff are automatically subscribed to the EO Newsletter. This must-read newsletter keeps you informed on time-sensitive information, new resources, current promotional activities, and more.

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EO Webinars


EO webinars and conference calls happen throughout the year on a variety of topics. The next webinar will likely be in September. Stay tuned for details.

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EOC Professional Development Forum

Held in a different location each year, the EOC PDF brings together executive officers and HBA staff from across the country for two days to learn the latest techniques and skills for building and maintining a strong and effective association.

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