The Government Role

2016/2017 Federal Government Consultations

The federal government is holding public consultations through 2016 and into 2017 on a number of topics related to housing. CHBA’s advocacy issues and recommendations on the federal role in housing align nicely with the government’s consultation agenda.

As per CHBA advocacy, the federal government acknowledged that every level of government affects housing, and has committed to a coordinated, Federal‐Provincial‐Municipal approach to developing housing policy. This reflects how CHBA has always approached housing issues and advocacy.

The following are CHBA’s submissions to various federal government consultations on issues related to housing:

CHBA's Remarks to Finance Committee - Feb 1, 2017

NSHBA's Remarks to Finance Committee - Feb 1, 2017

CHBA's Opening Remarks to Finance Committee - Sept 28, 2016

CHBA Q&A during Finance Committee Meeting - Sept 28, 2016