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Insights Auction

Tuesday, June 11th, from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever insights auction!

This exciting event will be held on Tuesday June 11th in conjunction with the Open Mic presentations. This event serves a dual purpose: to foster networking and the exchange of innovative ideas while helping to bolster our Net Zero consumer education and marketing efforts. Your generous participation not only enhances our shared cause but also empowers us to reach wider audiences with essential information and resources. We are excited to be auctioning off 1-2h time blocks with industry leaders with various skill sets.  



6:00pm Opening remarks
6:05pm Auction Participant 1 - Chloe Perreault
Auction Participant 2 - Joe Geluch
Auction Participant 3 - Natasha Jeremic
6:20pm Open Mic 1 - Laly Bhangoo
Open Mic 2 - Arthur Lo
6:55pm Auction Participant 4 - Luke Dolan
Auction Participant 5 - Stefanie Coleman
Auction Participant 6 - Randy Chin
7:10pm Open Mic 3 - Troy Tilbury
Open Mic 4 - Amelie Caron
Open Mic 5 - Bob Deeks
8:00pm Auction Participant 7 - Chris Williams
Auction Participant 8 - Amelie Caron
Auction Participant 9 - Peter Darlington
Auction Participant 10 - Angela Bustemante
8:25pm Open Mic 6 - Cindy Gareau
Open Mic 7 - Matt Farrell / Katie Bayley
Open Mic 8 - Sarah Margolius
9:15pm Closing remarks

Auction rules  

  • All bids are final. 
  • All bids will be in $25 dollar increments.  
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