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Want to know what home buyers are looking for in a new home?  What features they will trade-off to get what they want? CHBA’s annual nationwide market research study – powered by Avid Ratings Canada – is the only source for this vital market insight.

Be sure your company is part of the 2020 Survey!  Participation is free, limited to CHBA members and very easy.  

Easy Participation Process

1. Click on the SIGN ME UP button.
2. Complete a quick (2 minute) online registration form.
3. Complete the home buyer contact form we'll send you. (All we need to know is your home buyers’ names, city/province and email address).

It’s that simple! Your home buyers will then be invited, by CHBA, to participate in the survey. There's no follow-up required by you!

Sign-up for participation is now open!

About the CHBA Home Buyer Preference Survey

  • A high-value CHBA member service from CHBA, delivered in partnership by Avid Ratings Canada.
  • The largest market research study in Canada for new home buyer preferences – 2,300 home owners participated in 2019.
  • Asks recent home buyers across Canada what they looked for in new homes, what features are hot, and what they’d "trade-off" to get them.  Detailed buyer profiles allow analysis by buyer segment and home type, for additional insight.
  • A unique opportunity for participating builders to increase profits, gain market share and engage more customers by learning what home buyers in their market want today!
  • Participation is free, and available only to CHBA members.
  • New in 2020! Participating builders get the entire survey results free. That includes builder-specific market research reports based on your customers, city, provincial and national reports and data, plus access to Avid Reports online database for additional custom analysis by builders.
  • The survey process is compliant with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL).
  • Results from the 2020 CHBA Home Buyer Preference Survey will be released in April 2020, highlighted in CHBA online publications and on the Members' Area of the CHBA National website (, and presented in detail during the 2020 Housing Week in Canada in Banff, Alberta.  

How it Works

If you are a CHBA new home builder member, simply sign up in 2 minutes now.

We’ll send you instructions and data forms so that you can submit a list of your qualified buyer contacts to be included in the survey. These must be customers who purchased a new home from you in the last two years. All that is required is contact information for your buyers – the data submission process is fast and easy.

CHBA will then directly invite your contacts to be part of the 2020 survey. Those who accept this invitation will be connected to the CHBA Home Buyer Preference Survey site, operated by Avid Ratings Canada in partnership with the CHBA.

All customer data supplied by you will remain secure, will only be used for the purposes of this survey, and will be purged following completion of the survey.

The CHBA Home Buyer Preference Survey complies fully with Canada’s Anti-Spam (CASL) law.

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