Year-Round Learning Opportunities

CHBA's Alliance Network brings together leading companies that share a commitment to keeping our housing industry strong, growing and prosperous. Discover resources available to you through our Alliance Network partners here.

Dörken Systems Inc. | Live Webinar

Dry Basements: A Builder’s Success Story with Gord Cooke / June 5 at 1:00pm EDT

In this one-hour live webinar, building knowledge expert Gord Cooke will navigate a discussion on below grade building science to help you build better basements and find ways to correct existing moisture issues. Participants will witness a unique, onsite installation journey and will be joined by David Brix, President at Terra View Custom Homes to provide a practical point of view from a contractor’s perspective.

Learning Objectives:
• Reasons behind why/how moisture enters the foundation;
• How to identify faulty foundation walls;
• Understanding how builders are at risk; and
• The correct systems that will minimize risk and errors.

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Canadian Wood Council Live Webinar Series | Wood Webinar Wednesdays

Mass Timber - How to get Started / June 3rd, 2020 2:00PM EDT

The webinar will describe some key aspects to getting started designing a mass timber building, building examples and fundamentals of what is mass timber.

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Canadian Wood Council Live Webinar Series | Wood Webinar Wednesdays

Why Forestry is Not About Trees / May 27th, 2020 2:00PM EDT

This webinar will discuss forestry from the origins of the forest science to current challenges. It will explain how the definition of sustainable forest management continues to evolve, notably through forest management certification standards. 

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Canadian Wood Council |Earn Free Continuing Education Credits Online

Wood Works! E-Learning Center

The Wood WORKS! eLearning Centre provides the most current information on the new generation of wood materials, designs and applications in construction. The eLearning Centre is divided into two sections: Professional Development Courses for Professionals wishing CEU credits and the Open Learning Repository for Students and Educators.

For more information and to register click here.


NAIMA Canada |Free Insulation Training Course

The Insulation Training Course has been prepared in partnership with NAIMA Canada, the Canadian Home Builders Association, Natural Resources Canada,, other industry partners, and insulation manufacturers. The course focuses on industry recommended practices for professionals who want to elevate their business and get ahead of their competition. It is available for free and is completely online. Please note that this course is available to Ontario installers only. 

Register for the course here.