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Call for Judges – CHBA Members


Every year we receive hundreds of unique and stunning new homes, incredible renovation transformations, and innovative marketing efforts. Be inspired, and join your fellow CHBA members from across the country in judging the CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence.
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Who can judge?

Judging a national competition is a unique opportunity to see what builders, renovators, and marketing professionals are doing across the country, to give back to your Association, and to select which companies receive the honour of being named National Finalists and Winners. As such, only CHBA members in good standing are eligible to judge.

Whether you are a home builder, renovator, developer, manufacturer, trade contractor, designer, architect, or marketing professional, your experience and expertise are wanted.

How judging works

The CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence has a two-stage judging process. In the first stage, a large number of judges narrow down the entries. Each judge is assigned several categories to judge, which they can do at any time that is convenient to them over the three week online judging period.

In the second stage, a several smaller groups of judges will select the winners over a two week period.


Stage One Online Judging:  January 10-28, 2022
The majority of judges will be selected for the first stage of judging. Assignments can be completed at any point over the 3-week period. 

Stage Two Online Judging: February 7-18, 2022
A small number of judges will be selected for the second stage of judging.  Judges in this stage will be required to attend a one-hour introductory training session and then can complete their assignments at any point over the 2-week period.

Here’s what some of our past judges had to say

“It is a pleasure to be a judge and by judging categories outside my normal business, to gain an understanding of the diversity of CHBA members and their products. It also assists to understand market sectors across Canada, including buyer profiles, styles and trends, which in turn broadens my perspective on the Home Building industry. The extent of creativity is refreshing and is encouraging."
Don Dessario, AB

“I found taking part in judging the awards to be very interesting and quite beneficial. It really shows what is going on around the country in multiple aspects of the industry. It was worth taking the time to do and I would definitely take the time to do it again.”

     - Jesse Lukowich, SK

“It was an absolute honour to act as a judge for the CHBA awards. The experience was at the same time humbling and rewarding to see the exceptional level of work that our members are producing in our communities and the care they take in turning a dream into a home where people live, love, work and play. It just reinforces the fact that Canadians produce some of the best homes in the world.”
     - Garnet Northey, ON

“Volunteering as a judge for the CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence was a great learning experience for me. It gave me an up to date feel for current interior and exterior home design themes in Canada. I recommend others to participate in this program to gain insights and get ideas for their next project!”
     - Cliff Young, BC

“I always enjoy seeing what is happening across the country and in other markets; judging the National Awards for Housing is a great way to see trends and the fantastic work that builders, renovators and developers are doing in other markets.”
     - Stephanie Palmer, NS

“I love seeing the projects from across the country. Every year I find new design interest that has hit the other parts of the country that we have not yet seen."
     - Krista Paine, BC

Common Questions


My company plans on entering the awards. Can I still be a judge?

Definitely! We encourage your company to enter multiple categories. You will be able to judge in a category that your company did not enter.

I’ve judged at the local or provincial level before. Can I still be a judge?

Yes, judging experience is a big plus, but it's not essential!

Will I have to travel?

Since all of our judging will be done online this year, you will not have to travel.

When will the judging period take place?

The main online judging period will take place from January 10-28, 2022. A small group of judges will be selected for the second stage of judging from February 7-18.

How much of a time commitment is it?

We have designed our program to make the judging process as easy as possible for you. Last year, our online judges indicated that they took on average 6-8 hours to complete their categories. Our judging period will be open for three weeks, and you can judge at your leisure during that time period.

Do I need any special knowledge or background to be a judge?

CHBA members have valuable experience and first-hand knowledge about what goes into home building and renovation, and with that comes an eye for excellence and innovation in housing. Since judging involves looking at floor plans, drawings, photos and entry descriptions, having a background in the housing industry will serve you well. When it comes to serving a target market, understanding of how to take a concept, build it, and market it effectively through a variety of promotional elements is definitely an asset. In a competition as wide-ranging as the CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence, we’re looking for judges that are diverse and representative of a vibrant industry from across the country.     

Do I need any special software or equipment to judge?

You will need a computer and an internet connection. Everything else will be provided to you.

Can I pick which categories I judge?


I know someone who would make a great judge, but they’re not a member of CHBA. Are non-members eligible?

No. Judging – getting to see projects in-depth from across the country – is a perk of membership.

What happens if I’m a judge and I feel uncomfortable about judging in a category because I have a business or personal relationship with an entrant?

The integrity of the awards competition is vitally important. Therefore, CHBA asks judges who have a perceived conflict of interest or who have a personal or business connection to an entrant to withdraw from judging in that category. An alternate group or category may be assigned.

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