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NOW OPEN: Net Zero Reno Pilot call for applications. Scroll down.

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Learn more about Net Zero Energy Homes

We know that as a smart consumer, you want reliable information from trusted sources. See what Natural Resources Canada and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation have to say about Net Zero Energy Homes.

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What are Net Zero Homes?
Net Zero Homes produce as much clean energy as they consume. They are up to 80% more energy efficient than typical new homes and use renewable energy systems to produce the remaining energy they need. Every part of the house works together to provide consistent temperatures throughout, prevent drafts, and filter indoor air to reduce dust and allergens. The result: exceptional energy performance and the ultimate in comfort – a home at the forefront of sustainability. It all adds up to a better living experience.

Net Zero Homes through Renovations
Net Zero Homes are not just for new construction anymore.  We understand that not everyone wants to move to get the performance and comfort of a net zero home.  With this and the fact that half of Canadian homes that exist today were built before 1985 the CHBA is developing tools and resources so that some homes could achieve a Net Zero label through deep energy retrofits. Recognizing this is a significant cost, this project is exploring pathways to net zero energy over time with staged renovations, recognizing the best in building science indicates some changes will need to occur simultaneously. Some homes can more easily pursue a Net Zero Energy Renovation than others.  A Qualified Net Zero Renovator will be able to assist you in determining if your home is a good candidate.  Or, take our online quiz – coming soon!

Helping with the Cost of Net Zero Energy Renovations
PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a financing tool that homeowners can use to upgrade their home’s energy performance or install renewable energy systems with no money down but rather repaid on a property's municipal tax bill over time.

Edmonton, Toronto, and Halifax all have active programs, and many more municipalities are investigating or in the process of implementing PACE across Canada. PACE Canada is an excellent resource to track the most recent uptake, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) currently has a call for applications to support more municipalities in developing their PACE financing.

Calculating the Value of Net Zero Energy Renovations
CHBA has been working with the Appraisal Institute of Canada to bring best practices from the US Appraisal Institute’s Green and Energy Efficient Addendum to Canada. Pilot participants will receive pre-renovation and post-renovation appraisals of their homes, to calculate the increased value from a Net Zero Renovation. 
Developing CHBA's Net Zero Renovation Program
This program is national in scope to ensure broad geographic participation at maximum scale.  A group of highly engaged renovators, builders, energy advisors, utilities, and government officials representing the majority of provinces were pulled together as a Renovation Working Group to provide guidance through the development of this project.

Blaise McDonald, MAC Renovations Ltd. (BC)
Brad McLaughlin, MCL Constructions Ltd. (NB)
Brad Sveinson, Character Homes Ltd. (MB)
Dale Rott, Effect Homes (AB)          
Dave Butterwick, Butterwick Construction & Carpentry Ltd (AB)
Derek Taylor, Whitehall Homes & Construction (ON)
Luke Dolan, Capital Home Energy (BC)
Nick Gazo, NAIMA Canada (ON)
Peter Darlington, Solar Homes Inc (AB)
Shawna Henderson, Bluehouse Energy (NS)
Stephen Magneron, Homesol (ON)
Steve Snider, Steve Snider Construction (ON)
Gary Hamer (Net Zero Technical Committee Rep.)

Panelists Peter Amerongen, Chris Higgins, Joe Geluch, and Marie Hanchet discussing Net Zero Renovations at the Net Zero Energy Leadership Summit in Feb 2020.

As this program is under development this web page will be updated as new information becomes available. Any questions about the Net Zero Energy Renovations Project can be directed to Marie Hanchet, Project Manager Net Zero Energy Housing at

NOW OPEN: Net Zero Reno Pilot - Call for Applications
Successfully achieving affordable/cost-effective Net Zero/Ready Renovations requires the use of energy efficient materials and products, construction practices that utilize building science best practices, and effective financing tools. To help industry work towards this outcome, the CHBA is calling for applications to participate in a Net Zero Reno Pilot.

The objective of this Pilot is to validate the Technical and Administrative Program Requirements of the Net Zero Renovations Labelling Program. Post-pilot, the Program Requirements will be refined and information on the opportunities and challenges for adoption will be disseminated.

Post-pilot the program will provide the opportunity for existing homes to work towards achieving Net Zero/Ready over the course of time – through several smaller scale renovations, rather than one significant and likely costly renovation. (Which can already be done through our current Net Zero Home Labelling Program.) A Net Zero “Pathway” Home will have a prioritized renovation plan designed for it that the homeowner(s) can tackle as budgets allow.


  • Project must meet all Pilot Technical and Administrative Requirements. (CHBA members only - must be logged in.)
  • Project must be a single-family, semi-detached or row/townhome. (No stacked townhomes or MURBs.)
  • Project must be completed with a blower door test done within two years of application submission. (See the Technical Requirements for further details.)
  • The project renovator must complete the required training and qualification requirements by March 31st, 2021.  (The Net Zero Renovator training dates are available here.)
  • The project EA must complete the required training and qualification requirements by March 31st, 2021.

Net Zero + RenoMark™ = a winning combination

A Net Zero home renovation can be a significant investment for homeowners. For this reason, it is mandatory for Qualified Net Zero Renovators to successfully complete prescribed training courses as well as be enrolled in the RenoMark program in order to offer knowledgeable recommendations and services.  

RenoMark is the Renovator’s Mark of Excellence. It defines CHBA members as professional, qualified, reputable, and trustworthy renovation contractors. These skills are essential and are what homeowners are looking before they commit to an extensive Net Zero renovation.

Want to learn more about RenoMark? Contact your
local Home Builders’ Association today! 
  • Applications must include completed Application Form, pre and post HOT2000 files including EnerGuide Label and Reports, and Project Registration Workbook-Renovations (PRW-R).
  • Any additional information outlined in the Application Form the client/homeowner agreed to share.
  • Final project application deadline: Feb 5, 2021.
  • The Net Zero Technical Committee will review applications monthly per the following schedule:
Submit application by: Application reviewed on: Applicant notified by:
Jul 10 Jul 20 Jul 24
Aug 7 Aug 17 Aug 21
Sep 4 Sep 14 Sep 18
Oct 2 Oct 13 Oct 16
Nov 6 Nov 16 Nov 20
Dec 4 Dec 14 Dec 18
Jan 8 Jan 18 Jan 22
Feb 5 Feb 16 Feb 19

The Pilot aims to gather and share as much of the following information as possible.  Renovators will need to indicate the information that can be shared for this project on the Application Form and include it with the NZ/NZr label submission

  • Disclose cost of renovation with the program to share publicly or confidentially? 
  • Disclose utility bills pre and post renovation to share publicly or confidentially? 
  • Disclose the funding tools/mechanisms used to finance the renovation publicly or confidentially? 
  • Have photographs taken pre, post and during renovation to share publicly or confidentially?
  • Have thermal imaging photos taken pre and post renovation to share publicly or confidentially?
  • Participate in pre and post appraisals to share publicly or confidentially?
  • Complete a home comfort questionnaire pre and post renovation to share publicly or confidentially?
  • Provide feedback and a testimonial post renovation to share publicly or confidentially?

To participate in the Pilot, please ensure that the project meets all of the mandatory criteria listed above and submit a completed Application Form to per the application schedule.  There is a maximum of 20 homes that can be supported in this NZ Renovation pilot. 

Profiles of Labelled Net Zero Renovations in the Pilot

  1.  Solar Homes Inc. Calgary, Alberta - Net Zero Renovation Profile  & 1st Label Press Release

CHBA Qualified Net Zero Renovator Requirements - Pilot

  1. CHBA Member - Be a CHBA member in good standing.
  2. RenoMark - Be a RenoMark renovator.
  3. Training - Complete the CHBA Net Zero Builder Training and the CHBA Net Zero Renovator Training with a minimum exam score of 75% by March 31, 2021. An “SO approved” Building Science Training course is a pre-requisite to the CHBA Net Zero Builder Training. Renovator companies must have at least one Net Zero trained person on staff. Once training has been successfully completed renovators can request the Net Zero/Ready Home logos from their SO for promotion of projects. 
  4. Labels - Work with a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Energy Advisor (EA) and CHBA Qualified Net Zero Service Organization (SO) to obtain ERS and Net Zero/Ready labels for the home(s).
  5. Registration - Once the first home has been labelled and all  Qualified Net Zero Renovator Requirements have been met, the SO prompts the renovator to register with the CHBA by signing the Renovator Agreement and Attestation. Once registration is complete, the SO sends the renovator a confirmation letter along with the program marketing collateral including the "Qualified Net Zero Renovator" logo. The renovator will then be added to the webpage as a CHBA Qualified Net Zero Renovator.

Coming Fall 2020: Trained Net Zero Renovators Directory

We would like to thank Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency for their contributions towards the development of the the Net Zero Renovation Program.