Costing Database

Addressing Costs and Managing Affordability in Energy Efficient Construction

Energy efficient construction continues to play an important role in Canadian building code development. Many questions still exist around the costs associated with this such as:

• What is the incremental cost for a builder that is familiar with energy efficient assemblies and technologies?  What about an unfamiliar builder?
• Which energy efficient assemblies and technologies provide the most value when comparing cost to performance? Which provide the least value?
• Is research and innovation in these areas critical in managing construction costs?

Addressing these questions is a critical piece in managing housing affordability for prospective home buyers, which in turn supports and promotes a healthy residential construction industry. The Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA) and the Government of Canada continue to work towards understanding and quantifying these costs to provide answers to these questions.

Costing Database

The CHBA has been granted access to the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Local Energy Efficiency Partnerships (LEEP) Costing Database so that it can be more broadly disseminated and utilized by industry.

The Costing Database is designed and developed as a tool for builders to calculate the incremental cost of upgrading to energy efficient construction assemblies and technologies.

CHBA members can receive the database (an excel spreadsheet) by completing the request form below (must log in to view).

Donate your Data!

If a relevant amount of costing data can be collected, the CHBA can begin creating tools and infographics for members:

• How does your most commonly utilized assembly compare to other Builders in your area?
• How does your energy efficient upgrade cost compare to other Builders in your area?
• What are the most cost effective assemblies and technologies for building in your climate zone?

Understanding this information is key for you and the residential construction industry to achieve affordable and replicable energy efficient Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes.

Donate your data by emailing a copy of your spreadsheet to

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