2022 toronto

Annual EOC Professional Development Forum

Toronto, ON | June 13-15


CHBA is happy to announce that the annual Executive Officers' Council (EOC) Professional Development Forum (PDF) will be taking place in person this year once again!

This year’s program will focus on communicating and engaging with members, as well as addressing some of the stressors that have come with the pandemic. As EOs who have attended always attest, the PDF is the premier opportunity for EOs and HBA staff to get together and share ideas, best practices, and new initiatives that strength their own HBAs and the association as a whole.

A big value of membership in the Association is networking, and this is no different for EOs and staff of our HBAs. The PDF provides both key educational content and the venue for EOs to build their relationships with each other, so that all can be more effective back home. The ability to reach out to colleagues across the country throughout the year makes every EO more effective, and the annual Forum is an important building block for that.

Check out the menu on the side for details on the hotel, registration, speakers, and more.

We look forward to seeing you in June!

Questions or Concerns?

For questions about the event, registration, or hotel booking, please email [email protected].

A Recap of the 2019 Forum

The last time CHBA’s annual Professional Development Forum for Executive Officers took place in person was 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland. The event was held in conjunction with our American colleagues' similar event, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Association Management Conference (AMC). Twenty-two participants from across the country spent two days attending concurrent sessions, all with the goal of learning new techniques and skills for building and maintaining a strong and effective association, and delivering solid value to members. Our Canadian contingent organized two independent evening functions, ate meals together, and participated in a debrief on the final day, ensuring that EOs and staff had plenty of opportunities to spend time together.

Participants of the 2019 PDF in Baltimore, MD.