Annual Meeting of Members


CHBA’s Annual Meeting of Members, postponed due to the cancellation of the conference, will be held via GoToWebinar on April 30, 2020 from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST. Login information and instructions will follow shortly.

Voting Information for CHBA Members attending the Annual Meeting of Members

Any Member registered to vote on March 13, 2020, is eligible to vote at the CHBA Annual Meeting of Members.

Local and Provincial HBA Executive Officers, and those previously registered to vote as individuals will receive additional information on voting and participation in the meeting shortly.

Voting Proxies

Members who had not previously registered to vote as individuals will have their votes assigned to their Local or Provincial Association, as prescribed by CHBA By-laws.

A Local or Provincial HBA can assign its votes to any CHBA member attending the AMM, regardless of where the member is located. Additional details on designates and proxy votes will follow by email.  Note that Executive Officers are employees, not members, of the Association, and as such they may not vote on behalf of an HBA.

Members can access meeting materials, including the agenda, resolutions, and other supporting documentation here

Candidates for Second Vice-President

As there are two candidates for the position of 2nd VP (Matthew McCurrach and Sue Wastell), a vote by email will be held over the coming weeks, with the results to be announced on the AMM webinar. Their biographies and candidacy videos can be found below.

Matt McCurrach

Matt McCurrach is a second-generation developer/ builder, who took over the reins of the family business in 2014.  Homex Development Corporation was founded by his father Peter who has been a CHBA Central Interior member for over 50 years. Their business consists of different divisions – land acquisition, development, civil works, multi-family and single-family housing.

Matt’s ability to understand all sides of the development business started as a teenager with a broom in hand sweeping out homes under construction.  Soon after exchanged the broom for a shovel installing water mains in new subdivisions. In 2005, he completed his carpentry apprenticeship and received his Red Seal certification.  From there, he worked his way up through every aspect of the building business.

For multiple years Matt has lent his business expertise and creative thinking to the Canadian Home Builders' Association at both the local and provincial levels. In 2012, CHBA Central Interior faced financial losses for the first time in years.  He helped reorganize the largest annual fundraising project the “CHBA CI Training House”.  Matt helped remold the culture of staff and members, fostering a positive attitude of members supporting members. Under his leadership as CHBA Central Interior president from 2013 to 2016, membership grew from 150 to 250 members currently, and sits on solid financial ground. He has been a leading member of the CHBACI’s Advocacy Committee, developing a positive relationship with the City of Kamloops.

Sitting on the CHBA BC Board since 2011, Matt has been a part of a dynamic growth within the association. He helped form the Government Relations Committee that quickly gained traction and the attention of government. Meetings with key ministers are now routine for CHBA BC.

 In 2018 Matt served as CHBA BC President his term coincided with a newly elected NDP government and the Speculation Tax. Under his stewardship trust was gained with the government and hard work paid off as concessions were made with the challenging tax.  In 2019 he carried on with the CHBA BC chairing the Government Relations Committee.

Matt is humbled to let his name stand for 2nd Vice President of CHBA.  Sitting as a Presidential Appointee this past year was a privilege and to give back further at the national level representing members from across Canada would be a tremendous honour. The dedication, passion and expertise will be delivered in the same manner that he has given back to the other CHBA levels.  Let’s get on with the hard work!

Matt McCurrach
CHBA BC Government Relations Chair, 2019-current
CHBA BC Board of Director, 2011-2020
CHBA BC President, 2018-2019
CHBA CI Board of Director, 2008-2016
CHBA CI President, 2013-2016
CHBA CI Advocacy Committee Chair, 2013
Project Manager, 2013 Training House
2016 Beaver Award Recipient
2016 Rooftopper Award Recipient

Sue Wastell

Sue Wastell is Co-President of Wastell Homes – an award-winning, family-owned home builder in London, Ontario that is consistently recognized for their unwavering commitment to quality, design, service, and volunteerism within their community.
In 2019, Wastell Homes celebrated its 40th year in business, and received top honours as “Builder of the Year” for the sixth time in the last nine years by the London Home Builder’s Association (LHBA).
As Co-President of Wastell Homes, Sue is responsible for overseeing every facet of the home building process, from sales and design to advertising and land acquisition.
Sue currently serves as Past-President and Executive Member of LHBA, where she spearheads a number of important initiatives to improve the building industry, including housing affordability and the skilled trades shortage, acting as a conduit between the municipality and LHBA members.
In her tenure as President, Sue made important strides towards developing workable policies to deal with housing affordability, always reminding policymakers locally, provincially as well as federally of the impacts of their decisions. Sue made this a major focus of her advocacy efforts; with her own children coming into adulthood, Sue wants to ensure that home ownership isn’t out of reach for Canada’s youth.
As Chair of the Urban Council Committee at CHBA for the last two years and Presidential-Appointee, Sue looks to continue her industry involvement on a national level.  
Most recently, Sue joined the founding Board of Directors to develop a “Skilled Trades Education Centre” (STEC) in London, Ontario. As the first of its kind in the province, the vision for STEC is establish the skilled trades as a viable career choice – equivalent to a University or College-based career – for adult career-seekers and students.