Today, more than 85% of families with school-aged children live in ground-oriented homes (single and detached homes, townhomes, row homes, etc.). A recent CHBA survey showed that more than 90% of homebuyers wanted to live in this type of home.

But only about half the new homes built today are ground-oriented. Why? Government policies set the rules for residential development through planning, zoning, and development-charge taxes, all of which affect new home prices and what gets built where.  

In most cities that leads to higher density and taller apartments and condos, which are a great option for some, but are not where young families want to live. If over 90% of homebuyers want ground-oriented homes, but half of what is being built is apartments and condos, government policies are driving the market away from what people want. Home builders want to deliver the homes that Canadians want and need, at a price they can afford to pay.  Government policies need to support housing supply diversity, affordability and choice. We need to talk about this.