R-2000 Certificate

Every R-2000 home is certified. Issued by the Government of Canada, the certificate is your proof that your home has met the demanding R-2000 quality assurance requirements and that you own an R-2000 home.

  • Once an R-2000 home is completed, the builder submits an application stating the home meets all of the R-2000 requirements for certification.
  • Homeowners receive a numbered R-2000 certificate for their records and an R-2000 label which is attached to the electrical panel in the home.
  • A registry of certified R-2000 homes is maintained by Natural Resources Canada and by R-2000 Regional Delivery Agents. Anyone considering buying a resale R-2000 home can verify that the home has been certified.

The certificate sets R-2000 homes apart from ones that someone may claim are built to R-2000 standards or are "just like an R-2000 home". Only homes that pass all the R-2000 tests and inspections can be certified as an R-2000 home. If it isn’t certified, it isn’t an R-2000 home.

Contact your regional R-2000 Office for more information on R-2000 in your area, or use the "Find A Member" module to the right. Select "R2000 Builder" under Category with your province or local HBA to find R-2000 Builders in your area.

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