Quality Assurance

Every R-2000 home goes through a series of special tests and inspections by independent R-2000 service providers. This quality assurance process is in addition to the regular municipal building inspections and is unique to R-2000.

  • Before construction can begin, the plans for the home are analyzed by an R-2000 Plans Evaluator who uses a sophisticated computer modeling program called HOT2000 to make sure the home will meet the R-2000 Standard.
  • The HOT2000 software can also assist the builder in determining the most cost-effective way to meet the R-2000 Standard.
  • When the home is completed, an R-2000 Inspector visits the building site to verify that the home is built in accordance with the approved plans.
  • Finally, an R-2000 Airtightness Tester conducts a blower door test to verify that the home meets the low R-2000 air leakage specifications. For details, check Building Envelope Requirements in the R-2000 Standard.
  • When the home has passed all tests and inspections, and only then, can it be certified as an R-2000 home.

Third-party quality assurance—another extraordinary feature of R-2000 homes.

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