Environmental Responsibility

R-2000 homes are homes you can feel good about, knowing that they are carefully designed to minimize the effect on the environment, both now and in the future.

Your Home

From design to construction, an R-2000 uses products and materials that have less environmental impact. And over its lifespan, an R-2000 home requires significantly less energy and other resources to operate.

  • To begin with, R-2000 energy-efficient construction and heating systems mean lower energy use and hence greater conservation of energy.
  • R-2000 homes take full advantage of the sun’s “free” and renewable energy. Proper orientation on the lot and window selection maximizes solar energy gains in the winter while shading with roof overhangs will prevent overheating in the summer.
  • When the builder includes appliances with the new home, each appliance must carry the Energy Star® label, or where appliance categories are not part of the Energy Star® Program, they must be chosen from the top third of the particular EnerGuide™ category.
  • The R-2000 Standard requires builders to use a number of resource-efficient materials and products, such as insulation and roofing products with recycled content, siding or drywall made with recycled material, or wood trim from recycled materials or mill cut-offs, to mention a few.
  • All R-2000 homes must include water-conserving toilets, showerheads and faucets. This saves water and keeps utility bills down.
  • The use of water-based paints and finishes and other products designed for better indoor air quality means less toxic waste.

Your Community

The environmental impacts of housing on a community can be enormous, whether it is the immediate neighbourhood, the municipality or a larger region. R-2000 homes are designed to reduce these impacts.

  • As a result of less energy being used in your home, fewer pollutants and contaminants are released into the air.
  • Water-conserving fixtures cut back on the amount of water and sewage that must be treated, and can help to reduce the strain on municipal infrastructure, and hence municipal budgets.

A Global Perspective

The environmental benefits of R-2000 go beyond the borders of Canada.

  • R-2000 homes are helping Canada to meet its obligations under the Kyoto international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.
  • As the challenge to build environmentally responsible homes grows around the world, R-2000 provides an ideal model for many parts of the globe. R-2000 is already recognized in many countries for its excellent performance. Canadian companies are exporting R-2000 technology and know-how to the UK, the US, and Russia, among others, creating new jobs in Canada.

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