2014 CHBA National Awards Program

Our Association’s “Membership Makes A Difference!” theme is more than just words—it reflects the commitment of volunteer members who devote their time and energy to Association activities of various kinds.

As members, we are proud of our accomplishments and the professionalism of our industry. It is important that we take full advantage of every opportunity to give recognition to those individuals and/or local and provincial HBAs who are working diligently in support of our Association’s mission.

All local and provincial HBA Presidents and Executive Officers, and members of the National Board of Directors, are urged to submit entries, on behalf of deserving members, in each of the categories. There is no better way for a member to crown a year of accomplishment than to be nominated for one of the awards. Your participation is key to making the CHBA National Awards Program a success by recognizing the achievements of members.

The National Awards will be presented at the 2015 National Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the morning of Friday, March 6, 2015.

2013 Award Winners at the 2014 National Conference in Whistler, BC


Award Descriptions and Entry Forms

The deadline for entries is January 30, 2015


 The CHBA Award of Honour

The prestigious CHBA Award of Honour certificate is presented annually to outstanding members of a local/provincial HBA in recognition of their dedication and service to the Association at the local/provincial level. Areas to consider include the individual's personal involvement, leadership, contributions made and length of distinguished service in relation to local/provincial Standing Committees, Councils and Association-sponsored programs and activities.

HBAs are encouraged to select one individual in each of two categories:

(1) Home builder, renovator or developer member;

(2) Other member (i.e., not a home builder, renovator, or developer).

Simply email the individual names and company names of your HBA's Award recipients to communications@chba.ca. The CHBA National office will mail their Award of Honour certificates to your HBA so you may present them to the winners at a dinner meeting or other HBA event.


William M. McCance, Gordon S. Shipp, Riley Brethour, Canadian Renovators' Council, Beaver, and Maple Leaf Awards

The Chairs of National Standing Committees and Council Chairs and CHBA National staff nominate volunteer leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the Association nationally for recognition thorugh these awards. Nominations will be presented to CHBA’s Executive Committee for decision prior to the National Conference in March.



The Colonel Boss Award - Entry Form

The Award is presented annually to the local HBA that has been deemed to have made the greatest progress and achievement over the previous year in implementing an agenda of services and activities for members, to achieve an environment in which our membership can operate profitably and to promote affordability and choice in housing for all Canadians. 

Areas of consideration:

  • Political action
  • Marketing
  • Education and training
  • Technical research
  • Providing opportunities for members to network through business and social functions and events.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


The Community Service Award - Entry Form

The Community Service Award recognizes the outstanding contributions made by local and provincial HBAs to the betterment of the way of life of the people in their community.

Local and provincial HBAs across Canada participate in worthwhile community projects. These projects support and strengthen communities and they demonstrate the commitment of the industry to building a better country through community development and services.

Consideraton is given to special housing programs or initiatives undertaken to assist charities and non-profit organizations representing individuals or groups of individuals with special needs.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


The Dave Bell Memorial Award - Entry Form

The Dave Bell Memorial Award is presented annually to the local or provincial HBA deemed to have undertaken effective human resource (HR) development activities, including education and training (E/T), for the benefit of members and the consumers.

Consideration will be given to the initiation of new activities leading to the improvement in the quality of work, the supply of skilled workers and the reduction or elimination of causes for consumer concerns and complaints.

The Award recognizes that HR development activities and E/T programs enrich the close working relationships among home builders, renovators, manufacturers/suppliers, financial institutions, trade contractors, real estate/marketing, industry-related professionals, government officials, media and consumers.

Local and provincial HBA programs, projects and activities must have been undertaken in the year for which the submission is being made.

Programs, projects or activites recognized by winning this award previously, should not be submitted again for consideration.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


The Harry J. Long Memorial Award

The Harry J. Long Memorial Award is presented annually to the local HBA that has achieved the highest increase in membership, based on the combined percentage and numerical increase over the previous two-year periord. No entry required.

Successful membership development involves both membership retention and recruitment. The formula used to dtermine the winner of the Award reflects this emphasis on both by averaging the combined percentage and numerical increases over a two-year period. Large and small local HBAs have an equal prospect of competing for this prestigious award.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


The CHBA Membership Retention Award 

Certificates are presented annually to the local HBAs that achieved a membership retention rate of 90% or more from their previous year's membership. No entry required.

The Award provides an important measure of how well the Association is fulfulling its mission and objectives. Membership growth can mean a stronger Association, greater recognition in the community and increased effectiveness inrepresenting the interests of Association members and the residential construction industry. The key to sustainable membership growth is retention - the higher the association's retention rate, the more successful local HBAs will be in recruiting new members for membership growth.



The Dave Stupart Award of Honour - Entry Form

The Dave Stupart Award of Honour recognizes the highest dedication, professionalism and competence in Association management, as shown by Executive Officers at the local and provincial levels of the Association.

In order for the Association to fulfill its mission, it is important that volunteer elected officers and Committee/Council members receive the support and advice of knowledgeable Executive Officers. Executive Officers (Full-time, part-time/volunteer) hold responsibilities for the day-to-day management of their Association, and they work with elected officers in implementing their Association’s agenda.

Consideration will be given to the role performed by the Executive Officer in relation to membership, political action, financial management/administration, marketing, networking opportunities, recognition activities, education and training, community involvement, technical issues, public relations and communications.

Please note that the Executive Officer must have been in the position for at least two years prior to October 31, in the year of submission.

Previous winners remain eligible with the exception of the current winner.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


The Ken McKinlay Award - Entry Form

The Ken McKinlay Award recognizes that local and provincial HBAs are in the business of communicating effectively with members, governments, media, housing consumers, other non-profit organizations, the general public, and others. Whether it is in print, electronic or verbal form, HBAs continue to strive to be the most effective voice possible on behalf of the residential construction industry.

The Award is present in two categories: (1) Local HBAs with 100 or fewer members and (2) Local HBAs with greater than 100 members.

The entry must refer to the range of communications-related initiatives undertaken by the HBA in the year of submission in relation to the members, the public and other specific audiences as noted on the form.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


The Susan Chambers Award of Recognition - Entry Form

This Award recognizes an Executive Officer who has played a key role in the initiation and development of non-dues sources of revenue, as illustrated by a single program, project or activity that was new or, in the case of a continuing project, substantially changed, in the year for which the submission is being made.

A special trophy is presented to the winner for permanent display.


National Awards Committee


Jim Thomson, CHBA-Central Interior (BC)
Rick Gratton, CHBA-Calgary Region
Heather McGinnis, Regina & Region HBA
Mary Lawson, Greater Dufferin HBA
Sheila Hissa, Simcoe County HBA (Executive Officers’ Council)
Juanita Carhart, CHBA-Sussex
Jane Morgan, CHBA-Newfoundland & Labrador


Terms of Reference

1. The purpose of the National Awards Committee of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association is to secure the integrity and effectiveness of the Association’s Awards Program in all of its aspects;

2. The responsibility of the National Awards Committee is to review awards nominations, and to meet annually at the CHBAs National Conference, or by other means (i.e., conference call, virtual meeting) to judge nominees for CHBA National Awards and to select the winners of National Awards;

3. The Committee will consist of a Chair, Vice-Chair and regional appointees. The composition of the Committee will be decided by the Executive Board upon the recommendations of the President and Chair;

4. The Committee will report to the Executive Committee through the President and the Chief Executive Officer;

5. The Committee will receive staff support assigned by the Chief Executive Officer in the conduct of its duties and responsibilities;

6. The Committee will inform local and provincial HBAs, on a annual basis, of the criteria it will be using to judge nominees for all National Awards;

7. The Committee, in the course of carrying out its responsibilities and duties, may choose not to select a winner for particular awards in any given year;

8. The Committee will secure strict adherence to the deadline for nominations. Submissions received after the deadline will be kept on file and deferred to the following year. Proponents will be asked to re-submit with appropriate updated information and materials. Neither the Committee, nor any members of the Committee, will solicit submissions after deadlines without notification of such extension to all local and provincial HBAs;

9. The Committee’s decisions with respect to winners is final;

10. The Committee will conduct a review annually of the National Awards Program for the purpose of making recommendations to the Executive Committee on such matters as award categories and judging criteria, and any proposed new national awards;

11. The Committee will ensure annually the production of an Awards website, including entry forms and judging criteria, for local and provincial HBAs;

12. The Committee will promote, publicize and encourage participation in the National Awards Program. Each regional appointee will have the responsibility to pursue local and provincial participation in their respective regions; and,

13. The Committee will participate in an annual Awards Ceremony at the CHBA National Conference.



Past Winners


Individual Awards


  • 2013     Steven Crowell, Annapolis Valley HBA
  • 2012     Rick Gratton, CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2011     John Hynkow, CHBA-Edmonton Region
  • 2010    Gary Friend, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2009    Don Doolan, CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2008    Joe Valela, BILD       
  • 2007    Garnet Kindervater, CHBA-Eastern Newfoundland        
  • 2006    Diane Bush, CHBA - Alberta        
  • 2005    Ken Sawatsky, Greater Vancouver HBA        
  • 2004    Elmo Russell, Eastern Newfoundland HBA        
  • 2003    Harry Stepper, Calgary Region HBA        
  • 2002    Gordon Smith, CHBA Central Nova Scotia        
  • 2001    Marty Lewis, Saskatoon HBA        
  • 2000    Bob McLaughlin, Greater Saint John HBA          


  • 2013    Douglas Stewart, Waterloo Region HBA
  • 2012    Karen Kinsley, Greater Ottawa HBA
  • 2011    Marty Hope, CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2010    Ross Gurney, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2009    Peter Rebello, CHBA Manufacturers' Council
  • 2008    Not Awarded
  • 2007    Not Awarded
  • 2006    Andy Goyda, GTHBA-UDI
  • 2005    Robert Candow, CHBA-Eastern Newfoundland
  • 2004    Mary Kenny, CHBA Central Nova Scotia
  • 2003    Dennis Little, Calgary Region HBA
  • 2002    Russell Walsh, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2001    Jack Baillie, Waterloo Region HBA
  • 2000    Diane Bush, Greater Edmonton HBA


  • 2013     Ron Olson, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2012    Jane Morgan, CHBA-Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 2011    Gary Friend, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2010    Peter Greenwood, CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2009    John Hrynkow, CHBA-Edmonton Region
  • 2008    Don Darling, CHBA-Sussex & District
  • 2007    Dave Benbow, CHBA-Edmonton Region & Linden Holmen, CHBA-Victoria
  • 2006    David Wassmansdorf, Hamilton-Halton HBA
  • 2005    Garnet Kindervater, CHBA-Eastern Newfoundland & Ken Sawatsky, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2004    Richard Lind, South Shore HBA
  • 2003    Greg Christenson, Edmonton Region HBA
  • 2002    Jeff Braid, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2001    Doug McLean, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2000    Bob McLaughlin, Greater Saint John HBA


  • 2014    Don Johnston, CHBA (Honorary)
  • 2013    Frank Lohmann, Greater Ottawa HBA
  • 2012    Thomas Cochren, Hamilton-Halton HBA
  • 2011    Rick Gratton, CHBA-Alberta
  • 2010    Steven Crowell, CHBA- Annapolis Valley
  • 2009    Derek Thorsteinson, Manitoba HBA
  • 2008    Bob Maling Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2007    Adaire Chown, Greater Ottawa HBA
  • 2006    Peter Aitchison, CHBA-Lethbridge Region
  • 2005    John Carroll, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2004    Mike Hennigar, South Shore HBA
  • 2003    John Haysom, Ottawa-Carleton HBA
  • 2002    Bob Switzer, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2001    Robert Clarke, Fredericton HBA
  • 2000    John Healey, CHBA Central Nova Scotia


  • 2013    Not awarded
  • 2012    Juanita Carhart, CHBA-Sussex
  • 2011    Grant Sakiyama, Manitoba HBA
  • 2010    Peter Briand, CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2009    Mike Martin, Greater Ottawa HBA
  • 2008    John Friswell, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2007    Bob Rasmus, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2006    Rene Laberge, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2005    David Litwiller, Calgary Region HBA
  • 2004    Not Awarded
  • 2003    Not Awarded
  • 2002    Garnet Kindervater, Eastern Newfoundland HBA
  • 2001    Michael Cochren, Hamilton-Halton HBA
  • 2000    Ralph Belisle, Greater Vancouver HBA


  • 2013    Tamara Barker Watson, CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2012    Jack Baillie, Waterloo Region HBA
  • 2011    Richard Luciani, BILD (Toronto)
  • 2010    Diane Bush, CHBA – Edmonton Region
  • 2009    Heather McGinnis, Regina & Region HBA
  • 2008    Alan Churchill, London HBA
  • 2007    Christine Scott-Nyuli, CHBA Alberta
  • 2006    Marty Lewis, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2005    Not Awarded
  • 2004    Don Darling, Sussex & District HBA
  • 2003    Not Awarded
  • 2002    Not Awarded
  • 2001    Bruce Siddall, Prince George HBA
  • 2000    Andy Goyda, Greater Toronto HBA


  • 2013    Not Awarded
  • 2012    Steven Crowell, Annapolis Valley HBA
  • 2011    Not Awarded
  • 2010    Joseph Daniel, CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2009    Matthew Sachs, Greater Ottawa HBA
  • 2008    Joseph Vella, BILD
  • 2007    Suzanne Bona, CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2006    Stephen Tobey, Quinte HBA
  • 2005    Tom Cochren, Hamilton-Halton HBA
  • 2004    Greg Hussey, Eastern Newfoundland HBA
  • 2003    Tom MacFarlane, CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2002    Jack Parsons, Eastern Newfoundland HBA
  • 2001    Arthur Lo & Wilma Leung, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2000    David Poupore, Ottawa-Carleton HBA

Home Builders' Associations Awards


  • 2013    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2012    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2011    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2010    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2009    CHBA-Saskatchewan
  • 2007    Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2006    CHBA - Eastern Newfoundland
  • 2005    Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2004    Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2003    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2002    Hamilton-Halton HBA
  • 2001    Saskatoon HBA
  • 2000    CHBA - Kamloops


  • 2013   CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2012   CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2011    CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2010    CHBA of Central Nova
  • 2009    CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2007    Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2006    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2005    Greater Windsor HBA
  • 2004    Greater Barrie HBA
  • 2003    Calgary Region HBA
  • 2002    Fredericton HBA
  • 2001    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2000    CHBA - Victoria


  • 2013    CHBA - BC
  • 2012    CHBA - BC
  • 2011    CHBA - BC
  • 2010    CHBA - BC
  • 2009    CHBA - BC
  • 2007    Nova Scotia HBA
  • 2006    CHBA - BC
  • 2005    CHBA - Kamloops
  • 2004    CHBA - BC
  • 2003    Manitoba HBA
  • 2002    Calgary Region HBA
  • 2000    Calgary Region HBA


  • 2013    Guelph & District HBA
  • 2012    BILD (Toronto)
  • 2011    Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2010    Regina & Region HBA
  • 2009    CHBA - Central Vancouver Island
  • 2007    Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2006    CHBA - Kamloops
  • 2005    CHBA - Kamloops
  • 2004    Calgary Region HBA & Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2003    Central Alberta HBA
  • 2002    Greater Windsor HBA
  • 2001    Muskoka HBA
  • 2000    Grande Prairie HBA
  • 1999    Grande Prairie HBA
  • 1998    Calgary Region HBA
  • 1997    North Eastern Nova Scotia HBA
  • 1996    Greater Windsor HBA
  • 1995    Lethbridge HBA


Executive Officers' Council Awards

THE DAVE STUPART AWARD OF HONOUR (Previously Executive Officer of the Year Award)

  • 2013   Claudia Simmonds, CHBA-NB & Dayna Aysals, CHBA-Central Vancouver Island
  • 2012   Stu Niebergall, Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association & Jan Field, CHBA-Fraser Valley
  • 2011    Peter Simpson, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2010    Stu Niebergall, Regina and Region Home Builders’ Association & Juanita Carhart, CHBA-Sussex
  • 2009    Claudia Simmonds, CHBA-New Brunswick & Bronwen Thorburn, CHBA-Sea to Sky
  • 2008    Sheila Hissa, Greater Barrie HBA & Glenn Gray, Grey-Bruce HBA
  • 2007    Lorraine Stratton, Peterborough & The Kawarthas HBA
  • 2006    M.J. Whitemarsh, CHBA - BC
  • 2005    Alan Thomarat, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2004    Rhonda Day, Eastern Newfoundland HBA
  • 2003    Stephen Dupuis, Greater Toronto HBA
  • 2002    Paul Pettipas, Nova Scotia HBA
  • 2001    Donna Moore, Calgary Region HBA & Fred DeCator, Brantford HBA
  • 2000    Grant Ainsley, Alberta HBA

THE KEN McKINLAY AWARD (Previously Association Communications Award)

  • 2013    Victoria Belbin, CHBA-Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 2012    Victoria Belbin, CHBA-Newfoundland and Labrador & Stacy Cooper, Guelph and District HBA
  • 2011    Stu Niebergall, Regina & Region HBA
  • 2010    Peter Simpson, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2009    Peter Simpson, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2008    Donna Moore, CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2007    Alan Thomarat, Saskatoon & Region HBA
  • 2006    Rhonda Day, CHBA - Eastern Newfoundland
  • 2005    Grant Ainsley, CHBA - Alberta
  • 2004    Sharon Copithorne, Edmonton Region HBA
  • 2003    Alice Russell, Regina & Region HBA
  • 2002    Paul Pettipas, Nova Scotia HBA
  • 2001    Donna Moore, Calgary Region HBA
  • 2000    Richard Lee, Ottawa-Carleton HBA


  • 2013    Claudia Simmonds, CHBA-NB
  • 2012    Donna Moore, CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2011    Paul Pettipas, Nova Scotia HBA
  • 2010    Peter Simpson, Greater Vancouver HBA
  • 2009    Paul Pettipas, CHBA-Central Nova
  • 2008    Donna Moore, CHBA-Calgary Region
  • 2007    M.J. Whitemarsh, CHBA-BC
  • 2006    Paul Pettipas, Nova Scotia HBA
  • 2005    Donna Moore, Calgary Region HBA
  • 2004    Grant Ainsley, Alberta HBA
  • 2003    Rhonda Day, Eastern Newfoundland HBA
  • 2002    Rhonda Day, Eastern Newfoundland HBA
  • 2001    Paul Pettipas, Nova Scotia HBA
  • 2000    Not Awarded

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