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Anti-spam Legislation

On July 1, 2014, Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) takes effect. Under CASL, consent is required before sending a commercial electronic message (CEM) - i.e. an e-mail that encourages participation in a commercial activity, whether for profit or not.

Membership Materials

  • CHBA Lapel pins ($1 each + GST/HST)
  • CHBA Flags ($35 each + GST/HST)
  • CHBA Member decals (vinyl, 10 cm x 7.4 cm, for vehicle windows) (members only, no charge)

Note: CHBA has discontinued the plastic member plaques. New membership certifcates will be rolled out in 2015.

To order, please email, call 613-230-3060, ext. 229, or fax 613-232-8214.


CHBA Member LogoCHBA Member Logo

Membership in the Canadian Home Builders’ Association offers many benefits, but none may be more tangible than the CHBA logo - the “small” symbol with the “big” message. The CHBA member logo communicates clearly that you are a professional, committed to your business and proud to be part of the industry and the Association.

Consumer research shows that the CHBA logo can play an important role in helping consumers to differentiate between professional and non-professional companies.

Using the member logo can help you build credibility with customers and increase their confidence in your company. It also tells your industry network that you are committed to fair and effective business relationships.

The CHBA member logo is a “silent ambassador” for Association members, at work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Put the logo to work for your company - make it a part of your company’s identity!



Builder Resources from CMHC

In order to provide easier access to helpful information from CMHC to members, CHBA has posted links to important CMHC reports and initiatives.

Members now have better access to CMHC’s Market Analysis Centre`s Housing Market Information, including the annual Canadian Housing Observer; information on the EQuilibrium™ Sustainable Housing Demonstration and EQuilibrium™ Communities Initiatives and affordable Housing Project Profiles; and, CMHC’s series on “Housing for Older Canadians — The Definitive Guide to the Over-55 Market,” which provides builders with important information on this growing segment of housing consumers.

CHBA Website Link Icons

Link your company's website to and put valuable information at the fingertips of those who matter most to your business - potential customers!

The CHBA has created a special icon in a variety of shapes and colours that your company's web master can use to create the link.


Corporate Social Responsibility Guides



New Homes Month Images & Backgrounders


Renovation Month Images & Backgrounders

This year’s New Homes Month theme is “Solid - Your New Home.” The campaign images and backgrounders invite consumers to explore what’s possible in a new home, and encourage them to contact the professional new home builders in their community.


Renovation Month focuses on the professional renovator through our theme “Wow – Find the Magic In Your Home.” The campaign images and backgrounders drive home the benefits of hiring a professional.



The CHBA Manufacturers Council represents a wide spectrum of Canada’s leading building product manufacturer. The Council’s website give new home builder and renovator members easy access to information, links and support from all Council members to help you provide quality homes and renovations to your clients—and increase your bottom line.

Visit us for product information and support.