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Economic Impacts of the Residential Construction Industry in Canada

Recognizing Success: Energy Efficiency, Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emission Performance in Canadian Homes: 1990–2010, 2012 Update

The 2012 update of CHBA’s environmental ‘report card’ showing the tremendous success of the housing sector in achieving greater energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Members should take every opportunity to spread this good news, and make sure our sector gets the environmental recognition we deserve.

This edition of the report features analysis of how new homes have changed over the decades, highlighting the 66% improvement achieved in energy efficiency since the mid 1970s.  The report also examines how the home building industry has outperformed the auto sector in this area.

In addition to the main report, a series of two-page backgrounders have been prepared, highlighting specific areas of the housing sector’s environmental performance:

Model By-laws for Home Builders' Associations


  • The Urban Infrastructure Challenge in Canada: Perceptions and Realities
  • Housing Affordability and Choice: Community Prosperity in the 21st Century
  • Smart Policy Decisions: Implementing Smart Government in the Housing Sector
  • Demonstrating the Benefits of Growth
  • The Potential Effects of Inclusionary Zoning in Canada
  • Tracking Development Charges in Municipal Reserve Funds
  • Municipal Appeal Mechanisms
  • How Recent Changes to the National Model Codes Process Help Deal with Urgent and Emerging Issues
  • Extended Producer Responsibility and Waste Management
  • Cap and Trade
  • Innovation in the Housing Industry
  • Private Property
  • Rental Housing
  • Human Resources in the Resdiential Construction Industry
  • Standards in the Residential Construction Industry
  • Liability in the Residential Building Industry
  • Municipal Accountability for Regulation

CHBA and The Environment



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Renovation Month Images & Backgrounders

This year’s New Homes Month theme is “Solid - Your New Home.” The campaign images and backgrounders invite consumers to explore what’s possible in a new home, and encourage them to contact the professional new home builders in their community.


Renovation Month focuses on the professional renovator through our theme “Wow – Find the Magic In Your Home.” The campaign images and backgrounders drive home the benefits of hiring a professional.


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