Urban Council

Members include Presidents of the twelve largest local Home Builders' Associations or their representatives. Others are welcome to attend. Focuses on three priorities: municipal infrastructure investment; local taxes, fees, levies and charges; and how residential development contributes to community prosperity.

Focuses on urban issues affecting residential development across Canada: advocating priority local infrastructure investment; combating increased development-related taxes, fees, levies and charges; and promoting the role of housing affordability and choice in increasing community prosperity. Acts as a resource to all local and provincial associations on these issues. Seeks a coordinated approach to intergovernmental representation at national, provincial and local levels. Meetings are open to all CHBA members.

April 1, 2014 Meeting Materials


Thirty-Third Meeting of the CHBA Urban Council

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


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08:00 Welcome and introductions by Don Dessario (Agenda Item # 1)

08:15 Round table discussion led by a panel of Urban Council members on what has worked most
effectively to address the rise in government-imposed costs, using locally-developed
communications tools to influence municipal officials, the media, and the public at large
(Agenda Item # 2)

09:45 Launching the CHBA Government Costs Resource Centre – Review of key features and
potential national, provincial and local applications (Agenda Item # 3)

10:15 Coffee break

10:30 Presentation by Kevin Lee and David Foster on a proposed CHBA action plan for
communicating with the Canadian public about rising government-imposed costs
(Agenda Item # 4)

11:30 Summing up results of morning discussions – review of draft conclusions and
recommendations for implementing an action plan to be submitted to the new CHBA Board
of Directors

12:00 Lunch

14:00 Round table discussion regarding surveys of land-use regulation and development approval
processes with Professor Meg Holden of Simon Fraser University as resource person.
Professor Holden is supporting the efforts of Greater Vancouver HBA in carrying out a
project in this field in Metro Vancouver (Agenda Item # 5)

15:00 Review of self-assessment report to Urban Council based on results of a survey carried out
by Regina and Region HBA: mandate; priority issues; membership; and value proposition for
CHBA members (Agenda Item # 6)

15:30 Election of CHBA Urban Council Chair; remarks by the new Chair (Agenda Item # 7)

15:45 Summary of work planning items for the October CHBA Urban Council meeting and of
emerging issues raised by Urban Council members (Agenda Item # 8)

16:00 Adjourn

Note: As at the October 24, 2013 meeting, the intention at this session would be to prepare and update an ongoing PowerPoint record of key items raised, and resulting options and recommended actions for transmittal to the CHBA Board of Directors.