Urban Council

Members include Presidents of the twelve largest local Home Builders' Associations or their representatives. Others are welcome to attend. Focuses on three priorities: municipal infrastructure investment; local taxes, fees, levies and charges; and how residential development contributes to community prosperity.

Focuses on urban issues affecting residential development across Canada: advocating priority local infrastructure investment; combating increased development-related taxes, fees, levies and charges; and promoting the role of housing affordability and choice in increasing community prosperity. Acts as a resource to all local and provincial associations on these issues. Seeks a coordinated approach to intergovernmental representation at national, provincial and local levels. Meetings are open to all CHBA members.

October 23, 2014 Meeting Materials


Thirty-Fourth Meeting of the CHBA Urban Council

Thursday, October 23, 2014


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09:00    Welcome and introductions by Neil Rodgers (Agenda Item # 1)

09:15    New information and communication tools for Urban Council members and others available on the CHBA Government Costs Resource Centre – demonstration by David Crenna of how they can be accessed and applied by local HBAs (Agenda Item # 2)

09:45    Opening remarks by Greater Ottawa HBA representatives and their consultant, Pierre Killeen on the “Building Ottawa” Website and social media campaign – results achieved to date and reflections on the future (Agenda Item # 3)

10:15    Coffee break

10:30    Round table discussion led by Kevin Lee on progress to date in starting a “new conversation” about home ownership accessibility by the Millennial generation and relevant aspects of the CHBA pre-Budget submission  (Agenda Item # 4)

11:15    Round table discussion with Greg Lampert as resource person on the federal tax regime as it affects investment decisions on purpose-built rental housing production and other alternatives (Agenda Item # 5)

11:45    Summation of morning discussions and results – review of draft conclusions and recommendations/action items to be submitted to the CHBA Board of Directors/Executive Committee

12:00    Lunch

13:15    Opening remarks by Vinay Bhardwaj, Director of the CMHC Market Analysis Centre on work underway in the Centre to identify and address housing market data gaps, followed by questions and answers (Agenda Item # 6)

13:45    Opening remarks by Heidi Ertl, Chief, Construction Prices Section, Statistics Canada on a proposed Statistics Canada condominium price survey, and on revisions to the Statistics Canada New Housing Price Index, followed by questions and answers (Agenda Item # 7)

14:15    Opening remarks by George Carras, President of RealNet, on land/housing updates; perspectives on data gaps affecting federal decisions about housing markets, and how the industry can help to address these, followed by questions and answers (Agenda Item # 8)

15:00    Round table discussion based on three expert presentations regarding housing market data and data gaps, and role of industry in supporting efforts to address data gaps

15:45    Coffee break

16:00    Round table discussion (in camera) on potential CHBA recommendations for improving market intelligence and data gaps about the largest urban markets in Canada, and what the industry can do to assist in gathering data in these markets (Agenda Item # 9)

16:45    Summary of findings and conclusions of the meeting (Agenda Item # 10)

17:00    Adjournment

Notes:  (1) As at the April 1, 2014 meeting, the intention at this session would be to prepare and update an ongoing PowerPoint record of key items raised, and resulting options and recommended actions for transmittal to the CHBA Board of Directors. (2) For the presentations on housing market data, members of the National Marketing Committee have been invited to join the Urban Council session.