Urban Council

Members include Presidents of the twelve largest local Home Builders' Associations or their representatives. Others are welcome to attend. Focuses on three priorities: municipal infrastructure investment; local taxes, fees, levies and charges; and how residential development contributes to community prosperity.

Focuses on urban issues affecting residential development across Canada: advocating priority local infrastructure investment; combating increased development-related taxes, fees, levies and charges; and promoting the role of housing affordability and choice in increasing community prosperity. Acts as a resource to all local and provincial associations on these issues. Seeks a coordinated approach to intergovernmental representation at national, provincial and local levels. Meetings are open to all CHBA members.

Thirty-Seventh Meeting of the CHBA Urban Council

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Joliet-Frontenac Room
Delta Ottawa Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario
08:00 to 12:00



08:00          Welcome by Pierre Dufresne, with introductions around the table
     (Agenda Item #1)
    Draft Agenda
    Attendance List
    Agenda Notes
  Updates from Urban Council members on current issues and emerging items for consideration in developing the Urban Council forward plan for 2016
    (Agenda Item #2)
     Ryerson Inclusionary Zoning Report
[Note that any advance documentation on local or provincial issues is welcome and will be posted here]
08:45   CHBA positioning on Public Transit Fund with Mark Conway, Senior Partner, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited
    (Agenda Item # 3)
    Profile of Mark Conway
    Transit Presentation by Mark Conway
    Liberal Party Platform Statement on Public Transit
    GOHBA letter on public transit funding
    Finch West LRT - Fact Sheet
    Metrolinx LRT Facts on Technology Chosen
09:45   Coffee break
10:00   Comments on British Columbia Lower Mainland positioning following July, 2015 referendum results on transit funding by Blake Hudema, followed by questions and answers
    (Agenda Item # 4)
    Lower Mainland transit referendum results
    GVHBA commentary on the referendum defeat
    UDI Pacific transportation policy statement
    Vancouver Transit Funding Infographic
10:15   Terms of Reference for research underway on alternatives to development charges for financing new urban growth
    (Agenda Item # 5)
    CHBA Research Projects Underway on Urban Issues
10:30   Presentations by CHBA – Calgary Region and CHBA – Edmonton Region on working with municipal officials of their respective cities
    (Agenda Item # 6)
    CHBA Calgary Smarter Growth Initiative Urban Council Presentation
    Letter to Mayor of Edmonton on June 24, 2015 Leadership Dinner
    Urban Council Presentation - CHBA-Edmonton Region
11:15   Update by Peter Norman and David Crenna regarding key demographic changes underway in Canada and emerging market opportunities
    (Agenda Item # 7)
    Emerging Trends in Canada's Housing Markets
    Seniors Slides for WRHBA, October 15, 2015
11:30   Round table review on key findings and conclusions, recommendations, and work planning for 2016 by Urban Council
    (Agenda Item # 8)
12:00   Adjournment