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Inaugural Address

(from left to right: CHBA President Deep Shergill; The Hon. Jason Kenney, Minister of Education and Social Development; CHBA CEO Kevin Lee; CHBA Incoming President Bard Golightly)

Protecting the Dream

Bard Golightly Inaugural Address

April 4, 2014 - WHISTLER, B.C. - Today, CHBA Incoming President Bard Golightly, Employment and Social Development Minister Jason Kenney, and CHBA CEO Kevin Lee addressed members on the state of the industry, CHBA's priorities moving forward and the collaboration of the industry and the federal government in ensuring Canadians remain the best housed people in the world.

The Government of Canada's Press Release on Minister Kenney's address to members can be found here.

Earlier in the day the new President and CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Evan Siddall, addressed members during the Opening Breakfast. His speech can be found here.



CHBA Actions Result in Canada Post Suspending $200 CMB Fee for Two More Years - to 2016


CHBA is very pleased to announce that today we have been informed that Canada Post has agreed to "defer the implementation date of the community mailbox fee for new development for a [further] two-year period until January 1, 2016."

This is a significant victory for CHBA's members, and especially for new home buyers, from coast to coast.  CHBA will continue to oppose any implementation of the proposed fee in the future, and, in the meantime, developers, builders and new homebuyers can rest assured that no fee is coming for at least 2 years.  With the sweeping changes underway at Canada Post, we will see what 2016 will bring; CHBA will of course remain vigilant and active accordingly.

In late 2012, Canada Post announced its intention to unilaterally impose a $200 fee per mailbox on new home buyers. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of CHBA at all three levels, and the actions taken by its members, in July 2013 Canada Post agreed to suspend its Community Mailbox (CMB) fee until January 1, 2014.

This action acknowledged CHBA's perspective and allowed for further consultation with CHBA.  That initial one-year suspension alone saved our industry and new home buyers tens of millions of dollars in 2013.  

Subsequently, CHBA's discussions with Canada Post led to a potential reduction of the fee and better terms for its implementation.  However, after careful review, CHBA's Board of Directors concluded unanimously that better terms were not the point and that CHBA needed to remain steadfastly opposed to any such fee, period, both for our industry and for unsuspecting new homebuyers.

Based on that Board decision, CHBA advised Canada Post of its absolute opposition to any such fee. Further discussions and correspondence ensued, as CHBA emphasized to Canada Post the fee's blatant unfairness on several levels and the Association's ongoing commitment to actively oppose any attempts to implement the fee.

Today's announcement is therefore a welcome development.  While we have been at loggerheads with Canada Post on this issue, and despite a lack of initial consultation when they first tried to implement the fee, we do acknowledge Canada Post's more recent willingness to consult with CHBA and take corrective action as a result.   We are pleased that those discussions have led them to extend the fee suspension for two more years.  Very importantly, we also send kudos throughout CHBA at all three levels of our Association for the collective efforts that have led to this successful outcome.

Kevin Lee, CEO