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EnviroHome projects showcase the best in new home building technology and products. And EnviroHome builders are among the “best of the best”—highly innovative, skilled professionals who know how to construct exceptional homes that meet the needs of today’s consumers for healthy homes that are also affordable.




New Homes Month

Thinking about buying a home? Looking for great style and lots of features? Want a home that’s designed for your lifestyle? A home that is great to live in and “feels just right for you”? Then visit the professional new home builders in your community and discover what a brand new home has to offer.



Builder Manual

The new edition is here! This is the definitive guide for home building in Canada.

For those who need to know how to build homes in one of the toughest climates on earth, the Canadian Home Builders’ Association Builders’ Manual is the most authoritative guide you will find for building superior energy-efficient housing.

This newly expanded and updated edition, based on the building techniques proven by R-2000, offers over 400 pages of concise information and easy-to-follow illustrations.

Included are an expanded section on renewable energy and a brand new section on home automation.



Get It In Writing! / Hiring A Contractor.com


When hiring a contractor, a pen is your most important tool.



My Home Reno

Renovating your home is an exciting process. This site will help you make the right choices and develop a clear map to reach your renovation goals.








R-2000 homes are the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible new homes on the market. They are built to demanding standards for energy efficiency and indoor air quality that far surpass others in the marketplace. They are designed and constructed by extraordinary builders, who are committed to providing the very best for their customers. They are backed by a quality assurance process that’s unique in the industry. And every R-2000 home is certified by the Government of Canada.  




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