Canada is a world leader in residential construction technology.  Builders and housing experts from around the world come to our country to learn new approaches to housing design and construction.  EnviroHome projects demonstrate why this is the case.

The EnviroHome Initiative was established in 1994 by the Canadian Home Builders' Association and TD Canada Trust to recognize and support innovative new home builders who are committed to offering consumers homes that are, "better for you, better for your community and better for the environment".  EnviroHome builders have met that high standard.

The EnviroHome Initiative is a marketing program for R-2000 builders and R-2000 homes.  In order to be considered for the EnviroHome designation, the builder must start with an R-2000 home and incorporate proven and commercially available features that enhance the indoor air quality and make the home more environmentally responsible.  These features must then be put on display for the public through an open house period, along with literature which explains the features and thereby raises the awareness of the public about R-2000 homes and the many steps that builders are taking to protect and care for our environment.

Any builder that is planning a show home should consider making that home an EnviroHome.   Our experience over the years has been very positive.  The extra features of the EnviroHome generate such interest that the Grand Opening of the EnviroHome becomes a media event!  Builders will invite local, provincial and/or federal politicians to take part in the opening.  CHBA Executive are pleased to attend and will participate in the events.  The media will often attend with newspaper, radio and TV reporters conducting interviews with the builder and the trades people.  The home is built to a level above R-2000 and showcases some of the many healthy housing features that can be incorporated, making this home a wonderful "good news" story.  People naturally want to be associated with it.

Any home buyer who is lucky enough to purchase an EnviroHome can rightly take pride in knowing that they have purchased one of the most energy efficient, environmentally responsible homes available today.

Each year the EnviroHome designation is only given to a select number of new home projects across Canada.  This Initiative was created by builders, for builders to help them increase consumer awareness and sell more energy efficient R-2000 homes.  All builders are encouraged to look at the EnviroHome Guidelines and complete an application for their next project. 

TD Canada Trust is the national sponsor of the EnviroHome Initiative. To learn more about TD Canada Trust’s environmental activities, visit the Friends of the Environment Foundation or TD Canada Trust.

The EnviroHome Initiative is also supported by Natural Resources Canada through the R-2000 Program. To learn more about R-2000, click here.

Every EnviroHome project includes many Healthy Housing features, reflecting the research and development efforts of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. To find out more about Healthy Housing, click here.

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