Purpose, Mission & Fundamental Principles

Core Purpose Statement

The core purpose of the CHBA is to assist its members in serving the needs and meeting the aspirations of Canadians for housing.

Mission Statement

The mission of the CHBA is: to be the voice of the residential construction industry in Canada; to achieve an environment in which our membership can operate profitably; and to promote affordability and choice in housing for all Canadians.

Fundamental Principles of the Canadian Home Builders' Association

There are two fundamental principles guiding the CHBA’s approach to housing policy in Canada:

  • The right of all Canadians to decent, safe and appropriate housing; and
  • The right of all Canadians to a reasonable opportunity to own their own homes.

The realization of these fundamental principles requires a partnership between government and the housing industry. While the industry actually builds housing, the Association endorses the principle of industry/government partnership. This partnership is required to achieve the above principles while improving quality, affordability and choice.

The CHBA has identified the following four fundamental components of sound housing policy:

  • The government has a legitimate role in housing the needy and disadvantaged through targeted and cost-effective policies and programs;
  • The government has a responsibility to provide a stable environment in which the housing industry can operate effectively;
  • Market housing should not be stimulated or otherwise unduly interfered with through the actions of government; and
  • There will be prior consultation between the government and industry before significant changes are made to housing policies or programs.

The CHBA believes that these fundamentals provide a solid foundation for sound national housing policy. They identify the legitimate roles of government and industry and form the basis for the CHBA’s approach to industry/government consultations.

The Association remains firmly committed to these fundamentals, which define the industry’s relationship with government and its approach to housing issues.

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