Net Zero Home Labelling Program

CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program

Action Plan for Net Zero Energy Housing in Canada Takes Next Step

On September 29, 2015 the CHBA launched a Pilot of the Association’s Net Zero Energy (NZE) Labelling Program - continuing CHBA’s long history in leading energy efficiency in residential construction. The Program will provide the industry with a clearly defined yet rigorous 2-tiered (NZE and NZE Ready) technical standard that will distinguish and recognize builders and renovators and their NZE homes. To encourage high levels of industry adoption (even with production builders) the program is striving to keep the administrative process simplified. The Pilot will be used to validate both administrative as well as technical details prior to launching “version 1” of the Program in 2016.

Builder and renovator members who want to be part of this exciting development will take training as part of the qualification process. This will help get the necessary knowledge in to the hands of early adopters and accelerate the capacity of builders and renovators to achieve NZE.

A network of CHBA NZE Qualified Service Organizations, Energy Advisors and Trainers is being established to work directly with the builders and renovators to design, model, test and inspect the homes, as well as to deliver the training.

To build awareness and understanding of the value of NZE homes and to stimulate market demand, Marketing and Communications initiatives (including the development of a NZE brand, and sales and marketing tools for the builders and renovators) are being developed, with the goal of launching these in conjunction with the full “version 1” of the Program in 2016. To address the initial cost of NZE homes, the development of innovative and effective financing mechanisms are also being explored.

The CHBA supports innovation in our industry with the goal of creating a market advantage for builder and renovator members pursuing Net Zero Energy performance. This Program will help to meet the housing aspirations of Canadians, and renew Canadian leadership in high performance housing.

A Full Spectrum of Market Offerings

The CHBA supports a full spectrum of voluntary energy performance levels to provide Canadians with higher performing homes. These programs present a complete market offering that is applicable to custom and production homes, renovations and low-rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs).

The CHBA Net Zero Home Labelling Program has been designed so that a home could still qualify for Net Zero Ready, R-2000, or ENERGY STAR® if Net Zero isn’t achievable. This diagram shows the increasing energy performance levels:


Due to the energy production that is part of a Net Zero Home, its energy performance is 100% better than homes built to code.

CHBA Nationwide Home Buyer Preference Study

CHBA's 2016 Home Buyer Preference Survey results provides in-depth insight into what homes buyers are looking for – and demonstrates the importance of energy efficiency to today’s home buyers.

The top 10 “Must Have” home features identified by the study participants:

  1. Walk-in closets
  2. Energy efficient appliances
  3. High-efficiency windows
  4. Overall energy efficient home
  5. Linen closets
  6. Kitchen islands
  7. Open concept kitchens
  8. 2-car garage
  9. Large windows
  10. HRV/ERV

“Our National Home Buyer Preference Study confirmed that consumers want and expect an energy efficient home. Our members have a long history in delivering high performance homes and are ready and eager to deliver the next generation of high performance housing to discerning Canadian home buyers. Our Net Zero Home Labelling Program will provide third party confirmation for both the industry and the consumer.”

Kevin Lee, CEO, Canadian Home Builders’ Association

Canadians want their homes to be as tough as they are; to be able to endure Canadian winters with ease! CHBA members will meet the housing aspirations of Canadians, and renew Canadian leadership in high performance housing by offering consumers a “made in Canada” solution: Net Zero Homes!

Order the complete 2016 Home Buyer Preference Study report here.

A Net Zero Energy Housing Council

The CHBA, the voice of Canada's residential construction industry since 1943, established a Net Zero Energy (NZE) Housing Council in 2014 to guide its efforts in high-performance housing. The 53 Founding Members were selected for their demonstrated competence and experience in NZE or R-2000 housing as well as their knowledge or capability in specialized areas important to advancing NZE housing.

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CHBA Position on Net Zero

CHBA members can learn more about CHBA's position on Net Zero here.

Live in a home that will lve you back.

Net Zero Homes - coming soon to a builder/renovator near you!

Net Zero Homes

Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes offer whole-house comfort, excellent indoor air quality, and superior energy performance using proven advanced technologies and construction practices. The result is a superior quality home that exceeds current and anticipated building code requirements. Each Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Home will be verified by government-licensed third-party Service Organizations and recognized by CHBA for its achievement.

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Net Zero Cost

Significant strides have been made over the last 5 to 10 years by industry innovators. This has reduced the additional costs of Net Zero Homes by as much as 50% - and in many cases we’re now able to achieve cost neutrality when operating costs are considered. This means that the extra cost of Net Zero Homes can be off-set by the monthly energy savings - at net-zero monthly cost!


Sonja Winkelmann

Director, Net Zero Energy Housing

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