Annual EOC Professional Development Forum

Welcome to the 28th annual EOC Professional Development Forum in Canada’s Capital.

We’re back in Ottawa for the first time since 1999 and we will be in the national capital on the eve of what promises to be the biggest birthday party ever held in this country. Canada Day 150 follows our EOC Forum, but we’ll be sure to make our mark before the tens of thousands gather on Parliament Hill for July 1st.

The Ottawa Marriott Hotel will host EOC Forum 2017 and delegates will appreciate this prime location just a few minutes from Parliament Hill.

It’s been said by politicians and local dignitaries for a long time, but Ottawa is really the second home town for every Canadian. So many EOs attend spring and fall CHBA meetings in Ottawa that it must seem like a familiar place. Beyond Parliament Hill, Ottawa cultural attractions, museums and galleries invite visitors to experience the best of Canada all in one place. Ottawa’s national museums tell the country’s story in art, history, nature, at war, in aviation and space, agriculture and food, science and technology, plus attractions that focus on Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. There’s the Byward Market where we’ll go to during Forum 2017, the Rideau Canal and festivals galore. So, past our business program and social events, if you’re staying on for a few days there’s lots to check out. And, did we mention the big party planned for July 1st!!!

Whether you are brand new or an experienced EO, Forum 2017 has plenty to offer. We’re offering expert presentations on board governance and government relations. And, a number of focused sessions geared to  group discussion on important membership-related topics.

Our Tuesday through Thursday format this year will let those who are not staying on for Canada Day in the Capital to return home on Friday to enjoy a full long weekend with family and friends. And for those of you staying over, we’re sure that you will find plenty to do in Ottawa.

All EO and Associate Members of the Council qualify for a reduced registration fee. Be sure to check the registration form for information on fees, including those charged for any companions or guests that you would like to include in the evening social events and meal functions.